Running Solved: 24 hour team relay helps 100 people beat brain cancer
Rudi Van Der Heide

Self-confessed masochist Rudi explains his motivation behind cajoling a brave team of MSM Software Solvers to run a 24 hour relay race for charity. They battled heat, freezing temperatures, darkness and injury to cross the finishing line together. We're extremely proud of them. Read more about the grueling two days in Rudi's blog.

MSM Software Solved in the news: what business can learn from dragon boat racing
Kindy Mann

Managing Director Anthony Peake talks openly about how a business can be run like a dragon boat for maximum efficiency and output.

What’s new in ASP.NET Core and C# 6.0
Tom Kington

2016 sees Microsoft continuing to respond to developers, consumers and businesses with new releases of ASP.NET, C# and Visual Studio; all packed full of exciting new features. Read all about them in Tom's new blog as he summarises the key updates from DevWeek.

The 3 UX design principles every software developer should know
Simon Gibbs

Read about Simon's experiences at DevWeek. In this blog Simon, our Lead Technical Consultant shares the 3 key design principles every software developer should understand to make clients, users, testers and project managers smile.

How to perform a cloud readiness assessment
Jon Stace

Discover how to perform a cloud readiness assessment in five key steps. When there are so many options for moving applications to the cloud this approach outlined by Jon helps you create the right migration strategy for your business.

How to make your business applications mobile and work anywhere
Tom Kington

Businesses that embrace mobility have improved productivity and profitability. When your business applications work anywhere, and on any device, employees can be work in or out of the office. In this blog Tom outlines the three main ways to build apps that enable your business to be available from anywhere.

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