How to improve staff productivity with mobile
Kindy Mann

Mobility is the key to increasing employee productivity. Discover how today's mobile technology enables you to access data from and upload data to a central system from any location to produce reports at the touch of a button.

How to develop a cloud strategy
Kindy Mann

Many organisations are adopting cloud computing. However, many cloud strategies are a work in progress leaving your cloud roadmap off track. Discover why a cloud readiness assessment should be the starting point in developing your cloud strategy.

Moving to the cloud: cloud computing options
Kindy Mann

Confused by cloud acronyms? SaaS/IaaS? Public/Private? Read our simple summary of the main cloud computing options available to get your business saving money and boosting agility today.

Benefits of user stories in agile software development
Dominic Holmes

User Stories are part of an agile development process that help keep everyone focussed on solving the problem at hand. In this blog Lead Developer Dom explains what User Stories are, how to write them and why they produce better quality software.

How Android is bridging the gap between web and native mobile apps
Dominic Holmes

The Chrome team at Google have been busy developing a way to improve the user experience of web apps on mobile. Learn how the Chrome for Android 'Add to Home Screen' feature could benefit your mobile strategy today.

Software integration and innovation: why open APIs matter
Kindy Mann

The quarrel between Google and Oracle over API copyright is not only highly significant to the development world but could have a huge impact on businesses if Oracle was to win. Read our summary of why APIs matter.

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