Key Considerations for Data Flow Mapping
Will Hockin

In our previous blog we looked at how Data Flow Mapping can get you compliant with GDPR. Now we tackle actually doing Data Flow Mapping and some ideas for getting the most out of it.

How Data Flow Mapping Can Get You Compliant With GDPR
Will Hockin

With GDPR less than 12 months away and looming larger every day, we talk about the benefits Data Flow Mapping and how it can get you on the right path to becoming fully compliant.

Free Power BI Interactive Demo Available Now
Will Hockin

Experience the interactive power of data visualisation with our free Microsoft Power BI demo. See the value of effective data visualisation first hand - interact with dashboards, zoom in on geographical data, and drill down through graphs into data sets.

Why Insurers Need to Reconsider the Insider Threat
Will Hockin

Insurers have long prepared to deal with the insider threat. But rogue employees and data breaches aren't the only problem. Legacy systems and the growing skills gap mean insurers need to reconsider the insider threat and start to deal with the problems.

5 Top Tips for Better Digital Dashboards
Will Hockin

The value of Business Intelligence has been well documented - but how about making it as effective as possible? See our 5 Top Tips for making better digital dashboards that are engaging, clear and actionable.

Data Visualisation: Using Business Intelligence Software to get the full view
Kindy Mann

The presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format, enabling users to grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. In other words, it turns raw data into stories with few words. Find out more about data visualisation and how it can benefit your organisation.

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