Security and the Internet of Things - Has Your Doohickey Been Compromised?
Rudi Van Der Heide

Our final blog following on from the Tech Exeter Conference. This time Rudi looks at the growing phenomenon that is the Internet of Things (IoT) and whether we need to be worried about the security of internet connected devices. Read more...

Machine Learning: What's it all About?
Ashley Workman

Following a talk at the Tech Exeter Conference, Ash looks a bit deeper at Machine Learning and whether or not it really will change our world. Read more...

Augmented Reality (AR) in the Real World
Dominic Holmes

Following a talk on Augmented Reality (AR) at the Tech Exeter Conference our Lead Developer Dom was inspired, here he looks at the business use cases of AR and how much of a difference it could make.

Turning Developers Into Testers
Jon Stace

Jon looks at a contentious topic brought up at the Tech Exeter Conference: Turning Developers into Testers and do you really need a QA team? Get Jon's take on it here.

Software Solved at the Tech Exeter Conference
Will Hockin

Software Solved were in attendance at The Tech Exeter Conference - find out what they learned and keep an eye on the blog for their insights!

Five Major Benefits of Data Visualisation for Charities and Non-Profits
Will Hockin

We look at the top 5 reasons charities and non-profits should be getting the most from their data with Data Visualisation tools. Find out more....

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