Integrated Software – the third software solution
Kindy Mann

After hunting for the right software have you discovered that you aren’t quite ready for bespoke and an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t quite fits your requirements? What about considering a combination of the two?

Bespoke, off-the-shelf or in between the two?
Kindy Mann

With multiple software solutions available to organisations, how do you choose which is right for you? Discover the pros and cons in our new blog.

Why Business Analysts are crucial for Digital Transformation
Graham Douglass

Business analysts can play a key role in helping companies to take the necessary steps to transform their services to become digital organisations. Find out more about the role an analyst plays in a digital transformation.

Why use rapid prototyping for software development?
Graham Douglass

What is rapid prototyping and why should you consider using it? In this blog, Graham answers all these questions and gives his insight into the pros and cons.

Do you need a data whisperer (data analyst)?
Kindy Mann

Once you’ve finished your data audit you then have the next challenge of taking this information and creating a plan, If this leaves you dreading getting stuck, maybe it’s time to find a data whisperer (data analyst).

How to perform an audit of your data
Kindy Mann

Your focus should be on your own data and releasing its value. Read more about the practical steps and specific actions that may help resolve data challenges that currently exist.

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