Cloud Readiness Consultancy

How to get your applications migrated into the cloud

Most businesses today understand why they should be in the cloud.  And in theory any application, storage or hosting facility can be moved to the cloud allowing you to reap all the benefits that cloud offers. However the challenge lies in working out how to migrate to the cloud.  That's where our Cloud Readiness Assessment comes in.


A Cloud Readiness Assessment recommends the best approach for moving all, or parts, of your IT environment to the cloud.  We examine the technologies and components that make up your systems to set out a cloud migration strategy that can be implemented with minimal disruption to your business.  We also review your motivations and priorities.  As experts in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, you can rest assured that your data will never be compromised. 

How we can help you with Cloud Readiness

For some organisations the cloud represents a complex challenge. Will moving one application break other non-cloud apps that rely on it? Will there be downtime? How will data be kept secure during the transition? Will people need to be re-trained?

We can help you answer these questions and more. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment identifies which applications, hosting or storage facilities are ready to move to Azure and which require a little more work to get them there. We set out a step by step migration path and can take care of the implementation if you need us to.  Learn how we helped training provider Quickstep move to Azure.

Why choose us for your Cloud Readiness Assessment?

1. Thorough analysis

We’re known for leaving no stone unturned. Our attention to detail minimises the risk of unforeseen scenarios that could hinder your Azure migration.

2. Data integrity

Because we’re data experts, your business information is in safe hands.  We plan a phased approach to your Azure migration to ensure that your employees can continue to work throughout the process.

3. Understanding the impact

Cloud readiness involves an analysis of business and operational processes to understand the positive and negative impact any move to Azure will have. This means tailor the strategy for your specific needs.

4. Considering people

People can be resistant to change. Whether its staff, customers or suppliers we keep user engagement high on the cloud readiness assessment.

5. Transform business performance

Our mission is to help you make the most of your cloud investment to transform the way your business works. That’s why we partner with Microsoft Azure: to simplify adoption and bring results quickly.

6. End to end cloud management

We’re skilled at developing, deploying and maintaining applications in the cloud and on-premise. This means we can take care of the full spectrum of your cloud migration, whether a full or hybrid cloud move. 

If you’re looking to move any of your IT systems to the cloud, talk to us today about how a Cloud Readiness Assessment could help you get the best out of Azure. 

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