Microsoft Azure Services

Managed and integrated cloud services for achieving your business goals

All the benefits you already know about the cloud are brought to life with Azure. With Microsoft, stuff just works. And it’s safe too - Microsoft offers the most comprehensive compliance standards of any cloud service provider. Microsoft have done a lot to make cloud easy and the growing range of integrated Azure cloud services help businesses of all sizes work flexibly, move faster and save money. 

How Azure Cloud Services can help you

With the growing range of Microsoft Azure Services you get the exact cloud your business needs.  You can pick and choose the services you need to develop new applications, scale resources, run analytics and machine learning, store data and access virtual machines and more - whatever features you need, you’ll find them on Azure. 

Microsoft Azure is built on technologies that millions of users trust. This means it is stable, familiar and consistent. However you may need help to navigate to the right mix of services for your needs, as well as setting it up in the way that leverages the best that cloud has to offer. Here are the ways we can help you get the most from the Azure cloud platform:

Azure web app hosting

Build and host web apps that scale easily and quickly.  With applications that are hosted on Azure you can connect your business data anywhere.  Whether fully in the cloud or on-premise, your data is available securely when and where you need it.  Azure includes capabilities for developing back-ends, websites, APIs and more to streamline your business processes in one solution. 

Azure database development

With SQL Databases on Azure we can help you leverage the power of a premium database to support your growth plans. Whether you have one or one hundred databases, we’ll make them easy to store, manage and access, from a central location. Plus you’ll benefit from Microsoft’s near-zero maintenance and backup and recovery SLAs.

Azure mobile app services

Build it, host it, use it. The mobile back-end is sorted with Azure. We can help get your cross platform and native iOS, Android or Windows apps developed quicker. We use Microsoft Azure Mobile Service because it cuts coding time and makes integration with databases and applications much easier. You’ll benefit from more efficient code, premium security and uptime.

Azure virtual servers

The convenience of deploying what you want, when you want it. We can help you reduce costs by provisioning server space as your business requirements dictate. You may need a temporary UAT site or the agility to scale resources during peak times. Azure Virtual Machines lets you deploy a wide range of solutions quickly, easily and only pay for what you need.

Azure integration services

With Azure we can build web and mobile apps in the cloud that are seamlessly connected to your internal business systems and processes.  Microsoft’s integration tools enable you to be more productive by extracting and using data from different sources including SaaS apps, the Internet of Things and Machine Learning.  This means you can be more agile, responsive and competitive.  

Why choose us for your Microsoft Azure solutions?

1. UK based developers and datacentre

We know that some clients like to keep their data close. That’s why Microsoft planned a datacentre in the UK in 2016.  Our expertise ensures that your data is protected and backed-up.

2. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner

Because we are a Microsoft Gold Partner we know how to get the best from Microsoft’s services.  You can rest assured that you’ll get the latest advice as our developers regularly maintain their Microsoft certifications.

3. Microsoft supports your technology

Naturally Microsoft technologies fit well with Azure but it also works with PHP, Java, Node.js and more. This compliments our developers who are experts across the technology landscape.

4. Helping your business be more agile

With our help you can stop predicting every possible scenario which can often lead to over provisioning of resources. With Azure, we can scale up or down, switch on and off to essentially pay as you go.

5. Take advantage of near-zero maintenance

Let us and Microsoft take care of software patching and upgrades. Leaving you to focus on running your business.

6. Resource management is made easy

With user-friendly templates and intuitive portals, managing your resources is straightforward with Azure. And because it uses technology developers are familiar with, there are less training costs.

To discuss how your business could benefit from the services Microsoft Azure offers, get in touch with us today.

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