Data Solved

Make sense of all your business data

We’re all data-driven business now.  And for many organisations data is being created faster than it can be analysed. The real winners are those that can extract insights from data to facilitate better decisions and business growth. 

We help you to clean, manage and store it, visualise it so it’s easy to understand, and automate data processes so they run efficiently and without error.  This way, you find the insights that unlock performance. 

With the right insight you can improve business performance and strengthen customer relationships. Our Data Solved services can help you make better business decisions and get the most value from your data. 

For Clarks we consolidated raw materials data globally to save £millions in its supply chain. 

Why choose us for your data needs?

1. Work smarter - Back up business decisions with accurate, data-driven facts. 

2. Be agile - Get the answers you need when you need them, at the touch of a button. 

3. Simplicity - Make systems easy to use so everyone has access to the same information. 

4. Visualisation - Generate reports, tables, charts and more that are ready to share. 

5. Scalability - Develop data solutions that will grow along with your business needs. 

6. Business Continuity – Set up robust backup and disaster recovery processes to keep data safe.