Cross-Platform Apps

Apps that reach, and engage, every user

Most businesses want their apps to be used by as many people as possible. You may want to make a CRM system available to staff on the go, or adapt an online customer portal for mobile. The key is to make applications that seamlessly adapt to any mobile platform and any device. Allowing users to access them wherever they are and however they choose.

If most of your audience are using the same platform, building a responsive app that adapts to different devices is quite straightforward. But when you’re dealing with an audience that could be using iOS, Android or Windows Phone your developers will need the skills to build and maintain a cross-platform app.

Building Cross-Platform Apps: Xamarin

Where it once was a headache to develop apps for multiple platforms and devices, there are now many options available. But not all options are equal. That’s why we continually research the various development tools to assess the quality of their performance, maintenance and user experience. Our cross-platform development framework of choice is Xamarin.

Xamarin offers the unrivalled ability to build high performance apps that look and feel like the iOS, Android or Windows apps that your users are familiar with. So you can keep your users happy and engaged by ensuring applications adapt to the device that is being used to access them.

We are also a Xamarin Certified Partner, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your project is being handled by experts.

Why choose us for your Xamarin Cross-Platform App development?

1. Cut development costs

Building and maintaining native apps can be costly. Coding once with Xamarin instead of natively for each platform reduces the initial development cost as well as bringing down your ongoing maintenance budget.

2. Faster development

Because Xamarin uses one common language, our developers can share code across the different platforms. This saves a lot of time and can get your app to market faster.

3. Prototyping

User experience is at the heart of what we do. We can bring your apps to life through prototyping how the UI will appear across platforms, allowing you to make decisions earlier in the project. This is easier in Xamarin.

4. Projects large and small

We find that Xamarin is suitable for large complex projects as well as smaller ones. Using the same coding base means that a developer can scale your app as your business grows.

5. Native mobile skills

Because they understand the native iOS, Android and Windows technologies and UI, our developers ensure that your app delivers uniform functionality across platforms and devices.

6.Cost/benefit analysis

Cross-platform application development incurs licence fees. To ensure you get the best solution for your budget, we work with you to understand if cross-platform is truly the right solution for your business goals.

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