Centralising Data for The Princes Trust

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In order to continue delivering their core objective of getting more young people back into education, it is essential that The Prince’s Trust raises £40million every year.

Whilst the Trust’s funding projects were gaining pace, its IT capabilities were struggling to keep up to speed. As a large charity spread across the country there was a need for a central hub to store and share the huge array of grant agreements, key data and communications.

Software Solved created a solution to centralise the plethora of data so that it can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, regardless of IT expertise. This new system has also given management access to information to identify funding opportunities they weren’t bidding for previously.


"Out of all the potential software providers we saw, It was only Software Solved that inspired the confidence that they truly understood the unique requirements that come with deploying a software project for a charity." 

Hazel Mosienko, Deputy Director of Finance, The Prince's Trust

Business Need: Centralising communications and data to increase efficiency and cut costs 

With a large team spread across the country, communication, sharing of data and decision making was becoming problematic. Important documents were being saved to individual desktops and kept in paper form. Key data about the young people they were working with was being filed on separate databases, and grant agreements and bidding processes for funding were being tracked manually.

This combination of disjointed processes meant the trust were not aware of how many funding agreements were in place at any one time, unnecessarily costing the charity both time and money.

Solution: Consolidating data using Microsoft SharePoint

Using SharePoint we developed areas relevant to the Trust’s needs to provide them with a bespoke solution that made sharing data across the charity easier and more efficient. Now anyone within the charity regardless of their location can access the same data, 24/7. This solution provides a clean, centralised process, driving a task from initial bid stage all the way through to the agreement of a funding contract.

Results: A central knowledge hub accessible to all

The team at the Prince’s Trust are no longer spending valuable time and money analysing data manually or searching for important documents in email trails. They now connect and shares data more efficiently and in ways that weren’t possible before. This new solution has also helped the trust to identify new fundraising opportunities that they were not aware of previously. With this streamlined process now in place, the Trust will be able to continue to grow and deliver their important work without the worry of IT headaches.

The Software Solved Difference:

  • Providing management with valuable data, quickly
  • Understanding individual user needs
  • Improving central communication across the charity’s national network


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