Offline web app for Save the Children

Innovative offline web app enables data to be collected efficiently, worldwide

Gathering data on treatment outcomes from around the world provides life-saving information – but it can be inaccurate and take a long time to process.  We created a user-friendly, web-based application to standardise the collection and quality of data across the world.   The information gathered can now be used in real time to help more children to survive.  The ground-breaking app was shortlisted for a UK IT Award in 2015.  

Business need: standardise data to improve decision making

Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) is a programme run by government and non-government organisations to treat malnourished children around the world. To inform the decisions being made on which treatment to offer to these children, Save the Children wanted to collect and consolidate data on treatment outcomes. The data was being supplied in a variety of formats, and the manual input of paper-based spreadsheets was burdensome.   Save the Children came to us for a technical solution that would streamline the process and make it easier to implement in areas with intermittent connectivity.

Solution: HTML5 offline web app that works on any device

We created CMAM Report, a web-based app that could work on any device, anywhere in the world.  We chose HTML5 to help eliminate hardware requirements and reduce the demands on IT – this would also enable more people to be able to use it. Mindful of issues with limited internet connectivity in remote  global locations, the application was designed to continue working even when not connected to the internet and then automatically sync data when it connects. 


Results: instant data analysis improves treatment outcomes 

"CMAM Report empowers NGOs, UN and governments to make better decisions quickly to improve treatment outcomes and cure more children from acute malnutrition every day all over the world." Christoph Andert, Save the Children 

With standardised information, data on the success of treatments can be compared between countries and agencies at any level. Instant analysis and visualization of data ensures improvements to treatment options identified through the data can be implemented quickly. Within a month of launching CMAM Report was being used by nine agencies, with a further 30 expressing an interest.

The Software Solved difference 

  • HTML5 offline web app development
  • Seamless remote working
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Simple and intuitive user experience

Learn more about HTML5 offline app development or talk to us about your challenges with data and mobility.  

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