Software audit and consultancy for ElectraLink

Software Audits enhance bespoke business critical systems 

When your business relies on bespoke software, it can be difficult to maintain systems and upgrades if your developers are no longer available.  Most bespoke software companies don’t take on other developers’ systems.  So when ElectraLink discovered that we have a proven track record of taking on IT systems written by third parties, confidence and stability was restored.   

Business need: support of business critical billing and data system 

ElectraLink’s billing system is critical to managing the impartial transfer of data among major energy suppliers in the UK. As a company owned by shareholders regulated by Ofgem, any issues with billing or data transparency as a result of unsupported software would significantly impact ElectraLink’s reputation at the heart of the energy market.  When the external consultant was no longer responsive, ElectraLink were in need of an alternative support arrangement. 

Solution: software audit consultancy and customised system support

As part of our Consultancy service, software audits provide an impartial assessment of the overall quality of your systems by examining the coding, architecture and processes.  Software audits act as a thorough familiarisation exercise that enabled us to support ElectraLink’s systems exactly as required by the business. 

Result: consolidate system documentation and deliver enhancements 

“The documentation provided by the health check was a good exercise in due diligence and it identified a number of potential improvements that could be made to both systems for example reducing audit trails to a more manageable size.  The greatest overall impact is that we now operate with that extra level of comfort if we do run into problems – we’re safe in the knowledge that there is someone on the phone when we need them.”

Paul Gath, Enterprise Architect, ElectraLink

The Software Solved difference: 

  • Expert and reliable software audits
  • Third party bespoke system support
  • Improvements in system quality and functionality
  • Client reputation maintained

If your business critical systems are in need of an audit or health check, get in touch today.  Read more about software audits and support.

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