Software Integration

Getting your systems to ‘talk’

Software Integration allows you to connect multiple applications into one central system. And it doesn’t take a huge budget or a lot of resource. By joining systems up, you’ll work faster, improve transparency and prolong the life of your business critical applications. Why not take a look at how The Royal British Legion achieved this with our help.

How we can help you with Software Integration

We help clients of all sizes to work better by connecting their disparate systems. Our integration experts are also skilled at integrating third party apps into your business. And we’ll take care of any front-end design as well as the back-end technicalities.

Most organisations adopt different systems to address specific needs. Today these often include cloud and mobile apps that improve the work of individual departments. Many of these systems work in silos with manual effort involved to move information between them. But what you really need to drive your business forward is for these systems to seamlessly ‘talk’.

Why start your Software Integration project with us?

1. We understand the barriers

Because we have a proven track record of implementing successful integration projects, we can help you overcome even the most stubborn obstacles such as incompatible technologies.

2. Keeping your data safe

Integration projects usually involve moving data between systems. Working with us, you can be confident that your business information is never compromised.

3. The best solution for your budget

No two clients are the same. We work with you to recommend the best solution to meet your needs and budget. If you need to manage it in-house post implementation, we can help bring your team up to speed.

4. Improve user engagement

As the need for integration often stems from users, they are at the heart of what we do. We remove the manual processes that impact their productivity and engage them with easy to use systems.

5. Communication

Successful integration requires widespread collaboration from all parties. That’s why we’re the human face of software development – we listen to and involve everyone including your third party suppliers.

6. Integration tools that minimise risk

Our Technical Consultants evaluate all of your systems to recommend the integration solution that brings minimal disruption to your business.

7. The long term view

We design ‘loosely coupled’ systems to ensure that your applications are least dependent on one another. This means they won’t break if one is updated and can be more easily enhanced as your business grows.

How to integrate IT systems and software applications

Software Integration doesn't have to be difficult or costly.  Our team have plenty of experience integrating software and there are various techniques we use to achieve your integration goals.  

APIs: the key to cost effective integration

APIs make the features or functionality of one system available to others through a specific piece of code. They can be provided by third party suppliers (such as Salesforce) or we can write new ones from scratch.  

Data Integration with SQL Server

Database management tools can be used very effectively to achieve your integration goals.  Both SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) help get information from different systems where and how you need it. 

Integration suites: BizTalk and Azure

System integration suites enable you to integrate applications (such as SAP) or different systems, regardless of the operating system or technology used.  But they can be cost prohibitive so consider your scenario carefully.

Other integration tools

For specific scenarios we can deploy tools such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Payment Gateways and Telephony Integration to further streamline the way you work.  And improve staff engagement too.  

Got a software integration challenge?  Get in touch today to discover how we can help.

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