Our approach is to find the best bespoke software solution that fits your unique requirements.

You may have clear business reasons for a particular choice of technology or you may want some advice – either way our experts will work with you to find the best solution. After all, technology choice needs to be scalable, right for your business and future proofed as much as it can be. You also need to consider productivity during the development phase and maintainability post go-live.

As Microsoft Gold partners our developers pass the latest Microsoft exams and are experts in Microsoft technologies. However, we are a multi-skilled bunch at Software Solved and we don’t focus solely on the Microsoft stack. The list below shows the main technologies and platforms we work across but it’s not exhaustive.

.NET development

Microsoft invests heavily in the .Net framework and it’s viewed as the most efficient and secure framework. C# as a programming language is leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of productivity. This means that choosing .NET for your application will bring efficiencies in speed of development, security of the application and of course, maintainability. Our developers are all highly experienced in .NET development and are well-placed to make your project a success.

SQL Server development

This is seen as one of the popular database technologies in the industry for the value for money it offers, the depth of functionality and the fact it is fully supportable. Our team of experts have masses of experience in SQL server development. Whether that’s enhancing an existing bespoke system, brand new database development, building reporting services or migrating data between an old and new database, our team will create the right solution for you.

Xamarin Development

We are experts in cross-platform app development using Xamarin Forms. We are a Xamarin Authorised Consulting Partner and have expert developers who themselves have been certified. If you need to develop an app to work on more than one platform then Xamarin could be the perfect choice - it could save you significant chunks of time and money in development, and without compromising on quality. With our in-house experts you'll be safe in the knowledge that your project will be a success.

Android/iOS development

Our team are highly skilled in mobile development. We can advise on the appropriate choice of technology for mobile applications and we have the technical skills to develop mobile business applications that deliver real business benefit. From an Android app for a firm of lift engineers to an offline app for a major charity, our team have a broad range of experience and insight to bring to your project.

HTML5 development

This is the latest version of the HTML mark-up language used to structure and present content on the internet. This version includes many improvements, including better support for multimedia and graphical content together with features that allow you to create web applications that can store data locally on the device and function with or without an internet connection. Our Technical Consultants have all used HTML5 in their development projects, the most notable one is the work we did for Save the Children. We developed a critical application using HTML5 which enables data collection in remote areas of the world and syncs data back to a central location when an internet connection becomes available.

PHP support

Open source technologies have their advantages too and we have a smaller team who are expert at supporting and enhancing existing applications written using PHP.

Umbraco development

We are big fans of Umbraco. It’s functionally rich, you can write bespoke code to create a unique and professional front-end and it offers a great user experience for back-end users. It also integrates beautifully with .NET.

BizTalk integration

This is the number one systems integration solution. It allows information to be moved between systems in exactly the right format for each system. Data is an increasingly important commodity in business applications and we use BizTalk where appropriate to help our clients get the most out of their data.

Microsoft Azure development

As the Microsoft cloud services platform, Azure offers a fast growing collection of integrated services, including storage, data, networking and application development. Azure helps increase your business flexibility and agility as it supports several operating systems, languages, tools and frameworks. This means that you can enjoy the same platform that powers some of the world’s largest companies; automatically scaling up and down, extracting insights from data and synchronising access to your applications.

Support of SharePoint applications

We provide support to clients who have an existing bespoke system that uses SharePoint. As Microsoft Gold partners we have a specialist team of developers who have the latest SharePoint skills to provide support and ongoing development to our clients. The work we undertake includes extracting information from SharePoint, updating and uploading information to SharePoint and custom WebParts.

Java development

We have plenty of experience of using Java programming to build websites, web services, desktop applications and more for clients such as the National Trust. As a custom software developer, we live and breathe application integration. Our extensive experience of multiple system integration projects using a wide spectrum of APIs, frameworks and libraries enables us to optimise the performance of your new and existing software.

Delphi development

While this is a rather aged technology now, you’d be surprised at how many applications are out there that have Delphi components. We provide support for clients with existing bespoke systems and have several Delphi experts in our team. We support applications as diverse as a distribution system to a commodity trading system.

We work across other technologies and platforms so please do get in touch if you would like to know more. We’d love to hear from you.


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