Gain efficiencies and increase productivity

App Modernisation

Gain efficiencies and increase productivity

  • Have you got an app* that could do with a revamp?
  • Does the tech need modernising?
  • Does it need to be re-developed for the cloud?

You’ve developed a fantastic application for your business that does a great job in aiding the customer experience or assisting employees but like your other tech, it needs to be kept up to date or modernised.  It can’t just become another piece of legacy software.

The three common scenarios for modernisation are:

  • Bringing the system up to modern standards; whether that’s modern standards or technology
  • Altering the hosting capability: re-developing so that the app is cloud native
  • A revamp: this could be based around the user experience and/or the user interface

Bringing the app up to modern standards and tech

Just keeping the application ticking over is fine, for a while. If you invested heavily in it some years ago and have done little with it since, then you are being neglectful in terms of maintainability and security. Ensuring that the system is secure is paramount; regular testing is required around authentication, authorisation, encryption and logging. You need to make sure you’re using recent versions of the platform.

Keeping the app updated allows for integration with newer computing approaches such as languages and frameworks and ensures its longevity.

Optimising the user interface and user experience

Keeping an eye on the user experience of the system is important. Asking ‘how can this be improved?’ ‘Does it need to be four clicks when it could be done in one?’ And looking at the interface – ‘does it look tired and clunky?’

Whilst this is obvious for customer facing apps, not all companies feel the same about employee apps. Investment in an app that is used purely by employees is an investment in the team and optimising the process and keeping the look of it fresh will not only gain efficiencies but also increase productivity.

Becoming cloud native

Traditionally systems were hosted on-premise, like websites. Hosted on a virtual machine and SQL server doesn’t give much agility or flexibility. Being on-prem makes it difficult to update and increase capacity as the user base increases, or conversely, scale down and so save costs.

Moving to the cloud gives a lot more flexibility. Being able to flex capacity means that you can be more cost effective, you don’t need to predict your capacity for the next 3 years, but can flex up and down accordingly.

And there’s the ability to integrate with third party reporting tools. By modernising the application you have the ability to hook into other services such as Power BI, Tableau and integration platforms such as ITTT and take advantage of the power of automation that they provide. App integrations help gain efficiencies, reduce the manual effort to be able to do things quicker and more cost effective.

* app – when we talk about an app, we are talking about any application, system or technology that has been developed. Not just about apps created for devices.

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