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Cloud migration refers to the process of moving digital assets and services from an on-premise server to a cloud-based infrastructure.

There are many reasons why cloud migration is among the top technology trends businesses should leverage, such as reducing the risk of data loss, lowering maintenance costs, increasing flexibility, enabling remote work, and minimising security risk. But it’s a challenging project, which is why you should partner with a trusted organisation to help you migrate seamlessly, with minimal disruption in order to become more efficient, secure and grow your business.

We offer managed migration services with minimal disruption. Let the experts design, deploy and manage your Azure environment.

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The Benefits of Cloud Migration:

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Discover how cost effective cloud hosting is.

Reduced hardware and maintenance costs while enabling businesses to pay for only the services they use and reducing the need for in-house IT staff.

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Ultra secure network minimises data loss and downtime.

Your data and applications will be  available to authorised users. You’ll always have a reliable method to access your cloud applications and information, helping you quickly take action on any potential security issues.

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Scale up or down depending on what’s required at what time.

If you start to produce more data, you can purchase more data storage immediately.

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Empower your team to work together remotely with no downtime.

Increase productivity by sharing and working on files together no matter where in the world individuals are based.

Why Use Us?

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Secure Microsoft environment.  UK-based hosting services providing the highest security standards 

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Expert account managers who will plan, manage and fully support your deployment 

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Migrations that will enable the entire team to enjoy minimal disruption and delay

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Our expertise enables us to work optimally, enabling you to benefit from the cost savings

Some of our Cloud Migration Clients:

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Quickstep cloud migration case study quote

Cloud Migration Case Study

The Challenge:

Images and voice recordings are the lifeblood of Quickstep’s business. The volumes of evidence being uploaded and stored by each electrician training for NVQ qualifications was increasing and the cost of hosting Quickstep’s online assessment centre was adding up. The fluctuating number of individuals and colleges participating in Quickstep’s scheme, the flexibility to scale resources for busy periods was also a key goal.

The Solution:

A cloud readiness assessment tailors your cloud migration strategy based on your business needs. For Quickstep we recommended a phased approach to ensure continued availability of the system throughout the migration.

1.  We moved Quickstep’s data (120GB) from the incumbent hosting provider’s server to Azure.

2.  The website was upgraded to a newer version of .NET and converted to an Azure Web App.

3.  Finally the database was moved to Azure SQL Server completing Quickstep’s cloud migration.

The Outcome:

Over the next five years Quickstep will save 91% per year as a direct result of migrating the online assessment system to Azure. This frees up  over £118,000 to invest in other strategic initiatives. And when new NVQ candidates or colleges come on-board, we can manage resources in the Azure cloud to increase capacity quickly and easily.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing applications.

There are various cloud services on offer, but there are several factors you should consider before choosing a provider. Security, Cost, Performance and Support will all impact upon your choice.

We can help you to understand the running costs, transition plans and time scales involved when migrating your applications to the cloud. 

There are several reasons why your business would benefit from moving to the cloud, including saving money and reduced maintenance from eliminating physical hardware. 

As Microsoft Gold Partner’s we’re committed to achieving the highest level of company customer care and a collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure provides scalability, flexibility and security for your business-critical applications and data. We’ll work with you to identify your business’s objectives and help your company become more efficient and profitable through migrating to the cloud.

Are you ready to move to the cloud? 

Jon Stace, Tech Director, discusses a cloud readiness assessment and how that impacts on your ability to become cloud based.

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