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Written on 12th November 2021 - 4 minutes

10 Questions to ask when looking for software support  

10 questions to ask for software support

It is crucial to have the right support system in place, so that you are ready for whatever your software throws at you. After any software launch for existing or new systems, there is a requirement for ongoing maintenance and support to sustain the delivery. A proactive approach will ensure the smooth running of your systems. To achieve this it’s important to make sure that you ask the right questions when choosing a business to help with software support and in turn, remember relationships play a big part in this too.  

Below we have suggested 10 key questions to ask that will help you make the right decision.  

Can we pick up the phone and speak to support directly? Can we pick up the phone and speak to support directly? 

This is extremely important. Being able to discuss support issues, to solve problems or answer your queries should be performed with a rapid response. If you’re struggling to contact the team you’re working with or they do not answer the phone, this can cause unwanted stress and worry, costing the business time and money whilst you wait. 

How do you manage updates?How do you manage updates?

Software is forever updating and changing to fit demand. Make sure they’re one step ahead and ideally you should be given the heads-up on any new updates that may affect your software and performance.    

What support plans do you offer? What support plans do you offer? 

Support varies and it’s important to make a list of exactly what your requirements are and what the company can offer you. The right company will provide a plan that suits your business, not the other way around. 

Do you have a guaranteed response time? Do you have a guaranteed response time? 

This will help avoid any sleepless nights wondering how long the problems will take to be solved. If you know that you have a guaranteed response time, you have the reassurance of the right person being able and available to discuss the query or issue. 

Will you work with us to ensure strategic road-mapping in terms of technology as well as ensuring certificates are up to date? Will you work with us on strategic road-mapping in terms of technology as well as ensuring our certificates are up to date? 

Road-mapping is a very important element of software support. It’s usually an add-on where a company will look at a long-term plan to help enhance your systems. This goes hand-in-hand with support and is something that can really help elevate a business. At Software Solved, we pride ourselves on our customer care. An example of this is how we work with our clients to look for themes and trends and create a year-round map with a schedule, working out priorities. This also includes weekly catch-ups, which allows us to make a greater connection with the client, constantly ensuring that priorities and goals are adjusted and tailored.  

Will we have a dedicated account manager? Will we have a dedicated account manager? 

Having a dedicated person to speak to will help build a lasting relationship, both with this individual and the company. Software support is very much built on trust, you want to feel that if a problem does arise, that it will be passed on and resolved promptly. 

How do you log support issues? How do you log support issues? 

Working out how issues are logged and familiarising yourself with what system they use, will help you decide if this organisation will suit your business. Do they just give you the option to raise a ticket instead of talking through the issue first?  

Rather than just logging support tickets, at Software Solved we like to see the bigger picture. Often when a client logs a ticket or sends us an email we like to arrange a meeting to discuss and replay the query/issue back to the customer to make sure it couldn’t be something more and that requirements are always met.  

Can you provide me with some testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers? Can you provide me with some testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers?  

There is no greater measure of a company’s ability to deliver than through word-of-mouth or a referral, so always ask for testimonials or case studies. Reading other company’s reviews will instantly give you confidence and guarantee they can deliver.  

Can we only communicate when we have a problem? Can we only communicate when we have a problem? 

 It is good to clarify the support level and if any additional assistance is available. Is it possible to have meetings to discuss long-term goals and objectives? Support should go further than reactively repairing and fixing. A company that proactively works with you on projects whilst looking for ways to improve processes will really benefit your company.  

What makes your service unique compared to your competitors?What makes your service unique compared to your competitors? 

What is the company’s USP and ethos? This is a great question to ask to bring out true differentiators. If they can give another beneficial service, such as Staff Augmentation to help your team and business thrive, this can complement the support and would form a good long-term investment. 

At Software Solved, we work hard to build a relationship with our clients. One in which we are not afraid to challenge a customer if we don’t feel it’s beneficial for them in the long run.  For example, a new web form being added to a website that may need to be redone again in less than a year, would be counterproductive. We would speak up and advise against and instead suggest investing time, resources and budget elsewhere. 

Looking to find out more about software support? Learn more here. 

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