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Written on 21st March 2017 - < 1 minute

Barriers charities face in pursuit of digital transformation

Digital transformation carries huge potential to revolutionise the way charities work. Charities that have been running for a number of years are likely to have multiple systems in place, which can often cause operational inefficiencies and costs to rise.

Despite advances in areas such as mobile and cloud the potential for technology usage within the charity sector is remaining largely untapped. Digital transformation can make technology more accessible, reducing inefficiencies and improving user experience.

Software Solved engaged with charity IT leaders to understand what was preventing them from adopting technology and what their plans and priorities were for the coming months. You can download the report here.

Three top charity IT challenges

There were three main barriers which arose that were preventing charities implementing technology as part of their working processes, these were:

  • Lack of in-house IT skills – specifically around integration and data
  • Budget constraints – the perception that transformation is costly
  • Data integration and management – understanding of the best tools

It is clear that charities have a desire to transform their systems, with many already making great progress in mobile and cloud technology. But putting a complete digital transformation plan into action is proving problematic.

For further guidance on overcoming these barriers in line with budget and requirements, download our report ‘Good Technology’ today.

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