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Building an inclusive workplace through flexible working

Building an inclusive workplace through flexible working (1)

In January we further improved our flexible working by removing core hours. This means the team can work when they want as well as where they want!

An output driven culture


Clearly, there are benefits to this way of working. We’ve been on a journey, shifting towards an output-driven culture and firmly believe being a flexible workplace is key to this. Long gone are the days when we measured employees on whether they were at their desks between 9 and 5. Instead, we focus on productivity and goal setting. Our team bonus is clearly linked to organisational and individual goals and achieving our targets, regardless of time spent working. There is concern that this way of working leaves the door open to abuse but put simply, we would not achieve our team goals if someone abuses the system. We have all signed up to being online when needed to fulfil the needs of the business, and around this we are free to work the way that best suits us and our work/life balance.



Improving inclusivity


Of course, before January we were already working flexibly, and flexibility and inclusivity go hand in hand. Flexible schedules benefit everyone but especially parents who are able to balance work and home life. Our team are able to pick their children up from school and look after them if they are unwell; all without fear of a negative reaction from their employer. Flexibility also supports neurodiverse employees. We have team members with ADHD who prefer to work at home away from distraction, those that struggle to be productive at 9 AM and instead prefer to work in the evenings, and those that want to work in the office headquarters to combat the effects of isolation. Offering flexible working is proven to help combat equality issues in the workplace. For example, Zurich* found that when they advertised roles with flexible terms, the applications from women for management roles increased by 20%.





Cost of living


Choice is an important factor when considering flexible working initiatives. Employees are increasingly favouring choice over a set option which is why we are remote first with the option to work in our Exeter office (and in the future, hubs across the UK). Working from home removes the cost of commuting, childcare and pet care (I think nearly everyone at SwS has a dog or cat!) but it is important to support employees to have the right home setup. We offer desks, chairs, laptops, monitors and docks to make sure our team are comfortable at home.


Kristian Dunn, Developer with his two cats


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