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Improving productivity by 50% through mobile development

Lifts are everywhere.  From the Olympic park to hospitals to hotels, they save us walking up endless flights of stairs.  So when a lift breaks down it often needs to be fixed quickly.  When the engineers at Guideline needed a new job management app, we developed it and integrated it with a customer portal and back-end system.  The result was a 500% rise in productivity helping everyone at Guideline better service their clients.

Guideline - Lift Services Limited

Guideline Lift Services Ltd

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The Challenge

Guideline, one of the UK’s leading independent lift companies needed to replace their field engineers’ mobile application. Used by 40+ lift engineers 365 days of the year, the software had become outdated and was having issues syncing back job management information to the central database. With over 3,000 lifts in service, minimising downtime and maintaining uninterrupted lift availability was at risk.

The Solution

We redeveloped the Microsoft.NET application for Google Android mobile devices, retaining all of the usability and functionality engineers were used to, whilst significantly improving productivity through enhanced integration with the central database.  Engineers can now synchronise job information quickly and reliably.  

"The new Android mobile system not only fully met our needs, but extended beyond our initial expectations."

Guideline Lifts Android App Development

The Outcome

The new solution runs five times faster than the old system.  This has significantly improved engineer mobility and productivity, driving Guideline’s bottom line. The back-end database integration ensures helpdesk staff can better manage the deployment of engineers.  Improving the availability of real-time maintenance and repair updates means Guideline’s customers are always informed through an integrated web portal.  

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