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Getting in control of reporting with Power BI

HSF provides a large number of health benefits to its customers in a variety of low-cost health schemes for all the family. Their goal is to uphold the ideals of HSF health plan’s founders and share its surplus by donating money to medical charities, hospitals, hospices and to some individuals whose ill health or disability has caused difficulties.

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The Challenge

Resolving reporting challenges to save time and costs

The existing reporting system that HSF Health Plan had in place was not evolving with their needs and posed a risk due to limited-in-house skills to support it.

As a key part of the organisations’ operation it was important to introduce an approach that; future proofed reporting, made data more accessible and enabled stakeholders to quickly gain access to insights to support decision making.

"Our previous reporting was becoming a risk to the organisation with skills to support it being limited."

The Solution

We identified that moving away from the existing reporting approach to a Power BI based solution would not just resolve the organisations reporting challenges but also provide time and cost savings.

In order to deliver this, Software Solved work closely with the HSF team to:

  • Review and understand the existing report logic
  • Set up the required web services and undertake desktop install
  • Configure Power BI to meet the needs of HSF
  • Build an initial 10 reports using ad-hoc scripts
  • Deliver a 2-day workshop with key personnel covering:
    – Overview of how Power BI works
    – How to build reports
    – Practical session to build and migrate the remainder of existing reports.

"Having Software Solved on site for a 2-day workshop was invaluable. It allowed us to get used to the new software in a practical, 'hands on' way whilst also providing the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how to resolve any problems as they occurred.

Power BI and the way it has been implemented by Software Solved has enabled us to become self-sufficient and take control of our reporting."

HSF Health Plan Software Solved Workshop

The Outcome

HSF Health Plan now have a reporting solution that puts them back in control and removes the risk in terms of support they have faced with the previous reporting approach.

The solution provides both a time and a cost saving to HSF Health Plan, removing the need for manual manipulation of data and time required to resolve technical issues occurring with the previous report set up.

Initial feedback on the more visual reporting from key stakeholders has been positive.

"Software Solved are a trusted supplier, they understand and have a good knowledge of our systems and data. Although they are technical, they always explain it in a way that we understand."

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