Software Solved Requirements and Specifications
Requirements and Specifications Webinar
Requirements and Specifications Webinar 1000 750 Matt Webb

Join our Lead Business Analyst, Graham Douglass and Graduate Business Analyst, Max Johnson, for the ultimate rundown on how best to determine the scope for your business’ systems software, with…

Using machine learning application in predictive analysis
Machine Learning Webinar
Machine Learning Webinar 1000 666 Matt Webb

Machine learning application in the future of insurance risk management. It’s a fascinating topic, with huge implications in the future of many industries but more specifically insurance. How will risk…

Project Managing a Successful Software Systems project
Managing a Successful Software Systems Project
Managing a Successful Software Systems Project 1000 667 Matt Webb

Embedding good project management practices is the key to successful software development. We have our own tried and tested process for ensuring timely and budgeted delivery which sits at the…

Systems Health Check Webinar
Systems Health Check Webinar 1024 682 zoe.gill

A unique chance to get behind the scenes of a Software Solved Systems Health Check. Our systems experts have been performing this valuable service for our clients for over 20…

Data Analytics For All Webinar
Data Analytics For All Webinar 882 606 zoe.gill

There could be hidden gold in your data Data is the life blood of an organisation. But so many companies do not make the most of this wealth of information…

Bespoke Software header
Build v Buy Webinar
Build v Buy Webinar 1024 576 zoe.gill

When the decision has been made to upgrade a business system and the requirements and spec are done, the toughest choice of all awaits. Do you build or do you…