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Choosing a custom software support provider

Choosing a custom software support provider - blog cover

It’s so much more than just Custom Software support


IT Support takes on many guises such as network support, management of IT systems, custom software management, security management and monitoring and maintenance of equipment.  All of these are aspects are specific enough to require expertise within the field. Outsourcing means that you aren’t directly responsible for maintaining and managing each aspect which means the benefits this brings are improved operations and reduced expenditures due to the reduction of directly-employed staff. win-win.

For example, if your business is dependent on a piece of custom software or an app, then you’ll need support for it – often the system is too niche for your own IT department to handle and outsourcing to experts saves both time and money in the long run. But as well as providing support for the software system, there are other advantages to employing an experienced software support company that you may not have considered to be in the realm of custom software support job spec.


  • Regular health checks; A systems health check can identify any current problems and predict future issues, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your systems.
  • Digital transformation roadmap; A strategic plan enabling long term business objectives. A roadmap will help reduce the cost in serving customers and bring a customer centric data view if you want to interact with customers through multiple channels.
  • Access to tech leadership; Access experts to unlock opportunities through different technologies, the same experts will also have a view on your business goals, drivers and needs.


These extra elements that some providers offer can really give your company a springboard to success. Elements that may be prohibitively expensive to employ directly are accessible through an outsourcing partnership.


What do you look for?


How do you know you’re working with a great, pro-active provider? That along with providing excellent customer care, consistent service level agreements and quarterly service reviews, the provider will be all of the below?


Software Support at SwS


  • Flexible; how fixed are the contracts? Will they offer any flexibility on them?
  • Scalable; can more days per month be purchased if required?
  • Experts; can you access other expertise to complement your in-house skill-set?
  • Proactive; do they actively manage and monitor your digital infrastructure and data assets?
  • Value for money; will they actually work the number of hours per month they are contracted to?
  • Forward looking; Do they provide expert advice based on your current situation as well as looking at opportunities to future-proof your business?


If all of the above are ticked, then the chances are you’ll be establishing a great relationship with a provider who’ll be an asset to your business.

If you’re looking for custom software or app support, then please contact us, alternatively, you can set up an appointment at a time to suit you.

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