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Choosing the Right Team Augmentation Personnel: Key Factors to Consider 

Choosing the Right Team Augmentation Personnel Key Factors to Consider 

If you’re suffering a skills gap in your organisation, but know that particular skill is only required for a limited period, then have you considered Team Augmentation? Here are three key factors to consider on why this path could work for you. 


Seamlessly Integrating, Adapting, and Scaling for Optimal Results 


It’s important to be sure that your new augmentation team can work effectively with your existing team. This could include confirming that your new team members can communicate with your existing team efficiently, such as any time zone or language barriers that could impact your specific organisational needs.  

One of the benefits of team augmentation is that you decide the scope and have the freedom to adapt it. The augmentation members are essentially “loaned” staff; this can speed up the pre-sales and onboarding time which comes as a huge benefit if time is of the essence. If flexibility is key for your business, then team augmentation can allow your business to vary the size and skills of your team as and when new skills are required (depending on resource availability) much more efficiently – with no hard feelings! (and no recruitment costs). 

 A valuable piece in the jigsaw  


When researching team augmentation to fix skill gaps in your team, you should compare the costs involved in hiring additional team members to complement your team, to ensure that you’re using the right approach.  

For shorter-term projects, team augmentation is cost-effective when skilled resources are needed (often with specific needs). They can be on-boarded quickly, compared to running a recruitment drive for a team member and purchasing any equipment and training they may need. Carefully consider what skills are needed to ensure you get maximum value out of any team augmentation members. 

Team augmentation is like a puzzle. Imagine a completed puzzle as a project or a team’s objective. Each piece of the puzzle represents a skill or expertise required to accomplish the goal. In team augmentation, the augmented resource(s) is like a missing puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the existing team. 

Just as a missing puzzle piece can hinder the completion of the picture, a missing skillset or expertise in a team can impede progress. Team augmentation fills that gap by providing the missing piece, enabling the team to function at full capacity and achieve its objectives. 

 Choosing a Trusted Partner for Team Augmentation 


When considering team augmentation, you must remember that these team members will have access to many sensitive documents and will be representing your business, its image and reputation. Because of this, sourcing a reputable company to undertake any team augmentation is critical.  

By partnering with a trusted team augmentation company, you will have peace of mind knowing that the individuals joining your team have been thoroughly assessed for their capabilities, professionalism, and commitment to data security. This helps safeguard your confidential information, mitigates the risk of data breaches, and protects your business’s reputation. A reputable team augmentation company will readily provide testimonials from their satisfied clients showcasing successful collaborations and highlighting the positive outcomes achieved through their services. These testimonials demonstrate that the company has a history of delivering results and maintaining strong relationships with its clients. 

Do you need extra resources to help you achieve your business goals? You could be up and running far more quickly than you think with access to a pool of talent including Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Testers.  

Contact us today for a chat about Team Augmentation and how we can help your business fulfil a skills gap.   

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