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Coming to SurveyorTech in 2021

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SurveyorTech, developed by Software Solved allows iOS users to quickly and easily create digital surveys either on-premise or remotely. As the user base grows rapidly we are developing new features that will be rolled out to users in 2021.

Watch this short animation to see how SurveyorTech works

What features are coming in 2021?

Structured survey reports


Traditionally once a survey is completed then the hard work of completing a survey report starts.  SurveyorTech aims to take all the hard work out of creating a report with the introduction of its structured reports feature set.

This feature will allow users to choose a theme relevant to them for example let’s say you are a broker wishing to construct a brokers proposal, once that theme is selected SurveyorTech will automatically populate a report for you, including your choice of executive summaries, images, videos, walkthroughs, important files and all of the notes captured during the survey, leaving the you with only the finishing off tasks to complete.

We see structured reports as an excellent way of increasing the volume and quality of surveys being conducted by making is easy and less time consuming to create and submit a report.  Structured reports will extend out to a broad range of reports in the insurance industry and beyond, including risk surveys, claims, underwriting and more.

Nesting images, video and files into survey images

When conducting a survey the SurveyorTech app allows you to capture 360-degree or flat images of the interior and exterior of properties.  Points of interest can be identified, and text annotations added, providing a viewer with a visual appreciation of a property and further information about points of interest.

This new enhancement will allow users to enhance text annotations and ‘nest’ images, video and documents providing a viewer with a more complete appreciation of a point of interest.  Examples of customers using our prototypes include highlighting an electrical cabinet, nesting several high definition images of the interior of the cabinet, along with a short video and the cabinets certificate of compliance.  All accessible whilst viewing an image of the cabinet.

SurveyorTech gathers customer insights using a design thinking technique which enables Software Solved to tune into the needs of its customers and create technical solutions that make an immediate and positive impact on their business.

SurveyorTechV1 is priced competitively at £50 per user per month.  Learn more about the features and get involved in the Surveying revolution.

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