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Creating a work-life balance at Software Solved

Creating a work-life balance at Software Solved

Work plays a significant role in our lives and there can sometimes be a blur between home life and work; this is particularly poignant when we work from home. It’s becoming increasingly important to make sure we maintain a healthy balance so as not to negatively impact our mental health, relationships, and general wellbeing. It is well known that when the balance is right, happy workers, improved productivity and work performance follows.

We are passionate about our team having a good work-life balance and encourage individuals to be open about their workload and to share healthy coping mechanisms. Here’s why we provide just a few of the things we do to our team

Being a remote first company means it is especially important to us to get the team together now and then at staff events and social gatherings. It is an opportunity to have fun at work and get to know each other. We run a mixture of in person and virtual events to encourage people to have a break from work and recharge.

Below are a few comments from our staff on how they create a healthy work-life balance at Software Solved:

If you are interested in finding out more about our team or would like to join us Software Solved, please do get in touch.

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