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CRM’s for SME’s; why investment at the start of your business journey will reap rewards

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If you were just starting out as a small business owner, what key piece of software would you look to invest in? Granted, as a brand new entity, software firms would be circling around you and eyeing you up and in all probability, the cash available isn’t bottomless. So researching and qualifying is key to a successful purchase.

The odds of a business surviving its first year are slim, The Telegraph recently stated that one in five new businesses fail in the first year. Yet if an SME started out with the capabilities that a CRM provides they would have far more chance of surviving.

You want something that’s scalable, so that as you grow, it will grow with you. You also, as a small business, need to be agile. You will need to adapt to market needs so that as they change you can swiftly change your practices too. You will need to differentiate yourself and stand out. We think that a CRM system can really help you do that. It will help your team be collaborative, productive and impactful, really making you stand out from your competitors. Start as you mean to go on.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you have a surprising number of features which really make it stand out from the pack:

Easy Integration; integrates with existing Microsoft programs
Scalable; the Dynamics CRM you use at the beginning of your company’s life will look different as you grow with upgraded features and modules
Maturity of the offering; it’s part of the Microsoft ecosystem. Need we say any more?
Secure; hosted on the Azure cloud platform, giving secure and reliable access to your data
Choice and flexibility of support partners; built within a common data framework, you aren’t tied to the support partner who installed it, you have a freedom to change partners
AI integration; future proofing: Microsoft is already investing AI into Dynamics with the linking of Dynamics 365, Office 365 with LinkedIn

On a more practical note, so that you can see how it will be used on a day to day basis, Dynamics 365 file sharing capabilities include:

• Accounts

• Cases

• Contacts

• Invoices

• Knowledge Articles

• Leads

• Opportunities

• Orders

• Products

• Quotes

• Tasks

• Work Orders

Having a clear picture across your company on all of these things, enables better collaboration, leading to better productivity which in turn leads to a bigger positive impact on the company.

Connect your team; Ensure your team can be more collaborative, productive, and impactful by working with Dynamics 365 from day one.

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