Written on 22nd April 2020 - < 1 minute

Data, a challenge or an opportunity?

People working at a desk with computer and papers

What do you think when you hear the word data?

More often than not we find the initial response to this question is ‘challenge’. Not because the potential for opportunity can’t be seen, but because because the work to start unearthing the opportunity can often seem overwhelming.

The reality is most organisations hold the data they need across multiple departments and/or systems, but being in the position to centrally access, view and analyse the data with confidence is where the real opportunity begins.

In this short video, Tom Rooks, Technical Consultant, talks through accessing data and how to overcome the challenges.

If your organisation is looking to turn your data challenges into opportunities, why not find out more about our Data Maturity Assessment approach or get in touch with the team.

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