Written on 15th July 2019 - < 1 minute

Data Analytics For All Webinar

man holding a tablet with data on the screen

There could be hidden gold in your data

Data is the life blood of an organisation. But so many companies do not make the most of this wealth of information at their disposal.

And, you don’t need a degree in data analysis to uncover some decision-changing  value in your data. 

Which is why Software Solved has put together this free webinar session – Data Analysis For All.  Whether you are of a technical disposition or simply a business function looking to bring your data into one place in a clear and usable format, this session is for you.

Listen now to find out:

  • Know where to start to unlock the valuable data in your organisation
  • Overview of analysis tools that you can use in the Microsoft suite like Excel and Power BI
  • Live demo of a Power BI portal
  • Review of other tools such as Python, Tableau and Qlik
  • Data integration to help spread useful knowledge throughout your business
  • A look at the future potential for Machine Learning in data analysis

You’ll come away with a clear view as to how to start using your data more effectively and the tools that are available to you as a business right now.

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