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Do you need a data whisperer (data analyst)?

In recent blogs we have provided some practical steps to help you both identify your data and undertake an audit.

But once you’ve finished your data audit and have a clearer understanding of where your data sources are saved, in what format, who they are used by and for what you then have the next challenge of taking this information and creating a plan to help you start realising and releasing the potential it holds.

If this leaves you dreading getting stuck in it becoming a task that is continually moved to the bottom of the to do list maybe it’s time to find a data whisperer (data analyst)?

What can an experienced data analyst bring to the party?

As with any task it can be really handy to have someone on hand with specialist skills and experience to either undertake the task or, provide advice on how best to approach it.

This is where data analyst or ‘data whisperer’ can add real value and provide interpretations of your data that will allow you to make more informed business decisions.

3 ways a data analyst can help your business

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