Written on 14th October 2021 - 2 minutes

Do you want to keep customers for life?

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How important is the delivery of your company’s customer service experience?  It’s a pretty basic question that 99% of people would answer “very” to (that 1% being the outliers who want to screw up your data). But how often is Customer Services placed at the heart of the business? We put so much into marketing or sales, into attracting new customers or getting the product right, that keeping our existing customers happy can be an after-thought. 

According to Gartner, “the median customer acquisition cost (CAC) among technology companies with less than $250 million in annual revenue is $27,000.” 

But customer retention costs, what? Investment into a CRM system perhaps. 

 If we flip it around, in today’s business landscape, customers have high expectations of the company they’re working with, they expect answers to be met in a timely and efficient manner with empathy. Customer feedback is an area where according to Forrester “61 percent of companies don’t close the loop with customers who gave feedback “ 

Time, skill sets, responsibility (or lack of), poor data can all play a part in this lack of feedback, but if it’s leading to dissatisfaction which can ultimately lead to customer loss, then you need to take action.  

Implementing Dynamics 365 will help you deliver a great customer experience. It enables your team to: 

  • respond to customer requests from any channel  
  • handle multiple sessions at a time 
  • interact with multiple apps without losing context 
  • enhance their workflow with productivity tools 

Lack of feedback should never be an issue again. Dynamics 365 enables each team member access to the same customer records. This alignment of data will give your team the power needed, they will know your customers much better than previously and much better than your competitors.  

Knowing your customer will help personalise each experience and help your team become more timely, more efficient and more emphatic. With these tools and knowledge at your team’s fingertips, your company is in a perfect position to try and keep that customer for life. 

If you want to know more about Dynamics for Customer Service, take a look at the video we created and get in touch.


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