Written on 3rd August 2021 - 2 minutes

Dynamics 365 Wave 2; What’s included in the upcoming release?

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Microsoft is getting ready to release their plan for Dynamics 365 Wave 2 commencing in October 2021, which is set to add new functionality to all areas.

We’ve picked out the most pertinent for each area so that you can have prior knowledge of what’s to come:


Improved integration to Microsoft Teams.

  • The SMS integration will be enhanced to allow two-way SMS communication and improved customer journey through customer insights.
  • Power automate will enable marketing to better service the customer’s journey allowing Dynamics to respond to triggers like a customer opening an email that then, in turn, sets off a flow to better assist the customer.


More improvements to Microsoft Teams bring the ability to display opportunity information and collaborate without extra licencing costs, extending the functionality over and above the Wave 1 release earlier this year.

  • From the dashboards, the new pipeline deal manager will have an in-line grid to easily adjust any attributes for the prospective sales list.
  • The new segment builder will allow the customer journey for a lead to be easily reported on and actions for each individual segment created.

Customer Service

With improved functionality going into business card and note scanning, information will be more accurately read and populated into the system.

  • Customer’s voice has a new management system that allows you to issue survey credits to departments. This ensures that each department doesn’t go over their respective credits for that period.
  • The ability to show information on the customer’s timeline from external systems using virtual tables and not just the Microsoft data verse.

Field Service

Streamlining the onboarding experience for faster production deployment. An enhanced user experience from redesigning the works orders, boosting productivity and improving information architecture.

  • Power automate will have 475 connectors open and available to be used to integrate external information into Dynamics.
  • Improvements to mix reality for mobile engineers and frontline workers
  • Other improvements include new scheduling board features and additional improvements to the user interface.

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