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Dynamics Wave 1 release 2022; what does it mean?

dynamics wave 1 2022

The Wave 1 release is happening between April and September 2022 and we have great expectations for it. New and enhanced functionalities will be seen in the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service apps, innovations that will help transform your business, enabling it to grow, thrive and compete.

What this means for marketing?

Dynamics is encouraging collaboration across the organisation, not just the team with its innovative tool – designed to share in order to create original, quality content.
With a focus on leveraging data and AI, the marketing app focuses on content creation and delivery. There are new event triggers based on data changes arising from any other Dynamics app, which can be done without the need to write any code. Putting the customer at the centre, giving the easy ability to personalise content and ability to action responses via SMS.

What does this mean for Sales?

Again, harnessing the power of data and intelligence to forecast, do annual projections and measure performance doing predictive scoring. There’s increased collaboration via Teams to assist with pipeline and managers can track performance and give coaching to increase performance and therefore customer satisfaction. All helping you to help close deals faster without any loss of productivity.


What does this mean for Customer Service?

There’s a focus on the setting up experience for administrators and improving user productivity with updates to the agent inbox view. Enhancements to Teams include Dynamics 365 data integration, AI-suggested contacts, and AI-generated conversation summaries for agents.

Top Picks:

  • Marketing: The ability to create event triggers for customer journeys without having to write the code. This gives more control to the marketing team as there’s no need to rely on any developer ability to create it.
  • Marketing: quickly personalise emails without having to know the underlying data structure
  • Sales: Provide customers with unified meeting experience by allowing them to create and join Microsoft Teams meetings from their model-drive app
  • Marketing: Create more action-oriented customer journeys, reminding the customer until they complete the call-to-action
  • Sales: Capture mobile phone contacts and all recent calls which will sync with Dynamics

Read Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 release Wave 1 pdf

If you would like help integrating Dynamics, or picking up a Dynamics project which has gone off-track, then please do get in touch.

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