Written on 12th January 2022 - < 1 minute

Fantastic New CSAT Result

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We’re thrilled to announce that we have had the results back from our most recent Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey and they are really positive, placing the company on a par with the best in the industry.

The recent survey resulted in an NPS score of +75. Putting this score into context, the median NPS is 44+ and it is just the top 25% of organisations that have a score of +72 or higher, according to Survey Monkey, the experience management company.

Our main service offerings of Data, Support, Consultancy and Hosting all rated 100% with our respondents and we also rated 100% in areas of customer experience such as ‘ease to do business with’, ‘technical capability’ and ‘responsiveness’.

“It’s testament to the hard work of the Software Solved team that our clients have responded so positively, especially in what was a challenging year. We are delighted with the result and will continue to put our all into providing the quality service that we are known for.”

Lindsay Lucas, MD

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