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Written on 6th September 2023 - 3 minutes

Five reasons why we love Dynamics 365

5 Reasons why we love Dynamics 365

We work with Microsoft Dynamics all day every day, it’s our CRM of choice. So, when we decided to start providing its capabilities to other companies, it was an easy decision.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a world-class leader in the customer relationship management tool environment. But what is it that makes it stand out from its competitors? And why should you, as a business owner, a manager, or an IT manager tasked with seeking out the best CRM for your company, decide to employ this CRM system as opposed to another?

Dynamics 365 - options

Here’s five reasons why:


SS D365 Number_1  It integrates with all other MS software

It has been built to sit comfortably within the Microsoft ecosystem and so it plugs seamlessly into Word, Excel, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Because it is cloud-based, all users can log in wherever they may be – a really useful feature for home-working scenarios.

SS D365 Number_2  It’s easy to set up

One of the attractions of Dynamics is its ease of set up; many businesses use Dynamics as it’s really simple to install and because of the similar interface with other Microsoft applications. The team can quickly become familiar with it and start working with it. We’ve spoken with many SMEs who have found that it has become the backbone of their business, as it’s the ‘go-to’ place for customer information. From providing information about leads coming into the business to what promotions have been sent to a client.

SS D365 Number_3  It’s scalable

Dynamics 365 has been developed to grow with you as your team or business grows. You only pay for the licences that you need so you can flex up or down depending on requirements. A cost efficiency that can be forecasted rather than guessed at.

SS D365 Number_4  It increases team motivation

The integration with the other Microsoft products ensures that there’s a consistency of correct information, which is quickly obtainable, meaning that internal communications flow smoothly. And because the internal comms are so much better, the team works a whole lot more efficiently. In turn, that efficiency gives all the team that little bit of extra motivation to work together and thrive as a business.

This centralised and automated CRM system really does make a huge difference to your team’s working lives.

SS D365 Number_5It increases customer satisfaction

Installing Dynamics 365 will really make a difference to your customer satisfaction levels, it enables you to manage and maintain customer relationships on a scale you’ve never previously reached. If you get a customers’ details wrong, you know about it, and so will at least five of their associates. Knowing your client information is relevant and up-to-date is reassuring and your customers will love you for it. But more importantly, it will build trust; a bond between you and your customer that is invaluable. That continuity and flow of information and details that Dynamics 365 enables, means all customer updates, communications, marketing campaigns, data and so much more, is available at a click.

What’s not to love?

If you would like to increase team motivation, customer satisfaction and profitability by finding out about Dynamics 365 then please do get in touch.


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