Written on 15th July 2022 - 3 minutes

Have you considered Staff Augmentation for your next project? 

Have you considered Staff Augmentation for your next project - blog cover

If you’ve identified a skills gap in your team, then staff augmentation could be the perfect answer. It’s the outsourcing of talent, a spare pair of hands, to help grow your dream team, without the long-term financial constraints. The team members are integrated into your business and team to help you achieve both short and long-term goals.  

“Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing headcount or switching one skill set for another… with no hard feelings or recruitment costs!”

Helen Spry, Head of Operations, Software Solved Ltd

Is staff augmentation right for your business? 


  • You want to extend and increase your team to develop a particular product or system 
  • You need the expertise to help fulfil the project to minimise frustrations, risks and issues
  • You want flexibility but you’re not looking to recruit in-house 

Five key benefits of staff augmentation


1: Diminishes pre-sales time 


It can take a long time to recruit the right people to fulfil a tech role. Scoping out the requirements, sifting through CV’s, organising interviews etc. With staff augmentation, a remote team can be set up in just a few days, meaning that they’re ready to commence the project in a fraction of the time it would take if you recruited your own team. 


2: Pick of the best bunch with a fresh new perspective 


Not only will you have access to experienced professionals, but they will blend with your existing team to help provide specific skills. They can also help train in-house members to have a better understanding of the systems in place, leaving you to focus on skills that you need for a particular project while choosing experts, not generalists. 


3: Top quality delivered on time and on budget 


Without the long-term contract tie, you can create accurate budget predictions and control your costs through a project lifecycle, whilst delivering top quality service. 


4: Enhanced scalability and flexibility 


Fundamentally flexible to suit you.  A team that is working on a project may run into certain issues that it feels are out of its depth and so can scale up to meet certain standards. 


5: You decide the scope so its more efficient   


From start to finish you have full control to flex/decide the work your team undertakes. Staff augmentation really benefits businesses because the members who join are integrated with the team. From start to finish the business takes full control. 


five key benefits of staff augmentation - graphic


We work closely with our client Sparkle to establish their priorities and deliver expected support. We endeavour to align with their expectations, to reach their goals and integrate alongside their team, by attending daily meetings. We assist with their end client requirements by representing them on discovery calls.  

Do you need extra resources to help you achieve your business goals? You could be up and running far more quickly than you think with access to a pool of talent including Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Testers. Contact us today for a chat about staff augmentation.  

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