Written on 1st December 2021 - 2 minutes

How and when the different Dynamics 365 solutions fit into your business growth

How and when the different Dynamics 365 solutions fit into your business growth - blog graphic

We’re very conscious that whilst we are a software company and so can speak ‘tech’, many of our customers aren’t and they want someone to translate the techspeak into language that the everyone else can understand. We in the Marketing Department, aren’t so tech savvy and we feel that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 solution is an example of this; it’s got many apps, add ons and phrases that can sometimes be overwhelming but fundamentally it really is a great product that we enjoy using, it makes makes our lives easier and enables us to work more effectively.

One of the areas we felt this keenly was how and when each app and solution could or should be incorporated into a business. Would a start-up dive straight into Business Central? How does ‘Power Automate’ fit in? How would a large corporate fair with the Marketing and Sales app but nothing else?

We put together this graphic to help demystify the different solutions and how they fit into the different stages of business growth. And you know what? it’s actually quite simple.

So as you can see, the start-up would commence with the Sales App, then as the business grows, invest in the other apps to enhance their service. As time goes and the business grows further, Business Central the full ERP solution can be integrated. At each of these stages, Power BI and Power Automate can be incorporated to improve processes and reporting.

If you would like more information about Dynamics 365, help demystifying the jargon and how it fits into your stage of business growth, then please do get in touch.

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