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How and Why would you choose Software Solved?

How and Why would you choose Software Solved



Chief Technology Officer Paul Costelloe, tells us why and how he chose Software Solved to partner with for his company, Sparkle-CS.  We have been working with Sparkle, a software company developing retail solutions for over three years, providing them with full team augmentation to build and develop software for point-of-sale systems.


Paul Costelloe - Sparkle

How did you hear about us?


“Software Solved are a genuine partner company, something I was looking for.  I conducted a formal due diligence exercise. Reference sites were in there, along with technical skills, strong project management and governance processes, industry knowledge (wide more than specialist) and of course cost.  Software Solved stood out and since then have proven themselves to be a great choice based on our experience.  I have built up a relationship with the people – too many to mention.


Can you describe the work that we are performing?


I wanted to be more hands on with Sparkle, so it’s more like an enhanced team augmentation arrangement than a traditional outsourced relationship. Software Solved are supporting the development of our product, whilst still managing the operations. They support the full project life cycle, providing skilled resources such as business analysts, architects, developers and testers.  This is supported by strong project management expertise, ensuring that our client projects are delivered to time and budget.


What made you choose to work with us?


I knew what I was looking for, came up with a weighted list of criteria, found the list of candidates on internet searches, shortlisted to the preferred candidates, then conducted interviews.  Then took up references.

You scored highest on the evaluation across a wide range of measures.  But one important criterion was ‘would we want to work with these people?’  There has to be a chemistry and that came across during the early discussions.  There are other technically competent companies out there, but you scored much higher on the softer skills, which I value more so in some cases.”

Paul Costelloe, Chief Technology Officer, Sparkle-CS

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