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How can the Marketing team report with confidence?

How can the Marketing team report with confidence - blog cover

If you have issues with unlinked data, or data that is not GDPR compliant then what can you do to resolve it?

Can your current data management system track competitors analytics adequately?

What you need on your team is not another member, but a system that provides data unification, training and support.

This will help you by boosting your marketing campaigns, knowing you are targeting the correct people and making better decisions that positively affect the company and boost your ROI.

To understand these challenges better, we looked at a typical marketing role and how these challenges might affect a person’s ability to do their job confidently and give value to their team and business.


Meet Elsie, Junior Marketing Assistant



Elsie works for a niche retail business. Each month she provides an extensive report which is shared with the Board, that details the marketing departments’ KPIs. 

When it comes to the end of the month, she dreads collating the data. She finds the legacy system within the business too complex, slow and difficult to navigate. She has to manually export the data to present in a spreadsheet and she worries it might not be showing the correct data. This impacts her workload.

Elsie would like to have a data system she can easily use to update her managers and produce reports confidently, plus pull off visual insights. She would benefit from supportive training and building a relationship with a software partner. 

Elsie’s Data Challenges:


Unlinked data, non GDPR compliant, unable to track competitors


The Solution:


Data unification, training and support

Elsie discovered Elevate, which offers data unification, training and support

The training and support provision were consistently given by the same people, so she managed to build a strong relationship with them, which keeps growing.

The support also provides assistance with any data queries and help explain how to enhance the visual view of data to suit Elsie’s requirements. 

Elsie is now able to see all the data she requires.  


The Result:


Improved marketing campaigns and business decisions


By adopting Elevate, Elsie can now access the correct data so she can utilise all customer information and see useful insights that were previously missed. This has led to improved marketing campaigns and business decisions. 

Elsie enjoys putting together the monthly report as it’s easier to collate.

As a result of the training and being able to access support when required, she can now confidently analyse data like a pro. The rest of the Marketing team now rely on her heavily for making informed data decisions.

Elsie’s manager and the Board have noticed how consistent the reports are and are funding a professional training course to aid her career progression. Result

Want to be like Elsie? Book a call or contact us today. Find out more about how Elevate can help those in a marketing role.

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