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How can the Operations team maintain efficiency using spreadsheets?

How can the Operations team maintain efficiency using spreadsheets - blog cover

How can the Operations team perform optimally if they don’t have all the information to hand?

Maintaining the highest level of efficiency for the business depends on other departments feeding into data sources, to get a 360 view. Elevate will help provide clarity; dashboards to view different data profiles in one viewing,  maps and graphs to provide visual reference and reports that can be filtered.

To understand these challenges better, we looked at a typical Operations role and how these challenges might affect a person’s ability to do their job confidently and give value to their team and business.


Meet Anne, Operations Manager



Anne works for a UK charity; she is up to her ears with printed documents and is currently relying on spreadsheets and manually updating multiple documents. Her Director requires the operations report weekly, but this always takes time to collate. She would love to find a solution to make reporting more streamlined and save her valuable time. A solution that provided visual reporting, that she could filter data accordingly and that she can share with the other teams. This would really add value to the charity, enabling focused decisions and saving time.

Anne’s Data Challenge:


Data input errors, security, sharing data and comparison


The Solution:


Dashboards, visualisations, filters, encrypted


Anne discovered Elevate, a competitively priced solution that appeared to be everything she needed. The ability to view dashboards providing all the Operations data, filtering the information so that revenue vs costs were shown for different timestamps, visualisations in different maps and graphs to help translate the figures into a visual context. Using the Insights tool, old and new data was easily integrated, accessed and safe.  Lastly, it was all encrypted so that the data was secure.


The Result:


In control, clear visualisations, focused decision making, secure sharing with other teams


With no more piles of paper and spreadsheets, Anne feels assured and in control of the charity’s operations. She can answer all questions with assurance and can quickly pull visual reports showing insights and trends that aid focused decision making. The different teams also have a view of the revenue vs costs which makes them work within their budgets more carefully. Supported by a monthly training package, Anne has managed to impress her manager with her ability and performance, the package is showing its real value already.

Anne is now able to leave work on time and spend the evening with her husband and children, even fitting in a gym class. She now has the perfect work-life balance and is really starting to enjoy her role.

Want to be like Anne? Book a call or contact us today. Find out more about how Elevate can help those in an operations role.

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