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How can your HR team keep employee data up to date?

How can your HR team keep employee data up to date - blog cover


With so many aspects involved in an HR managers role, the consolidation of data is paramount. Having a system that provides real-time information that can be shown visually and can be sliced and diced to provide any number of different outcomes is an immensely useful tool. Without this, there is a huge amount of admin that relies on spreadsheets and documents and with that comes challenges; it’s time consuming, inefficient and prone to problems with differing versions..


Meet Helen, the Human Resources Manager


Helen, the Human Resources Manager

Helen is the Human Resources Manager for a mid-sized insurance company. She has to manage the recruitment and hiring, training and employee relations as well as culture and benefits. There are so many aspects to Helen’s role that no day is ever the same.

But she finds that keeping on top of a team of 500 requires an immense amount of administration, much of which is done on Excel and Word.

Helen has recently instigated a set of values for the company but she doesn’t have any method of measuring how they are being received. She thinks that combing these with the employee performance review would enable her to review the metrics to understand how the team are receiving them.


The Data challenge


Separate spreadsheets, keeping track of employee performance, managing budgets


The Data challenge - HR


Helen currently keeps all information on each employee in a separate spreadsheet, this is time consuming to update, when there are changes in salary or job title, as well as keeping track of sick leave and benefits taken by individuals. Helen has to create her own graphs to be able to analyse the data quickly and this is time consuming.

Managing the monthly and yearly budgets is tricky, with lots of spreadsheets and the worry of sending the wrong version over to the finance team– there are always changes as there is a lot of staff turnover within certain departments. Planning for these staff changes is currently haphazard, a system that could give her eyes on how long an individual had left in a role so that she could plan for recruiting their replacement would save her a lot of time.

Keeping track on employee performance is tricky, she relies on the managers to tell her who is off sick and she finds she has to chase for this information. Performance review information is currently kept by the individual’s manager and not shared, which Helen would really like to see so that she can get an understanding of how the company can get the best from every employee and how aligned they are with the organization’s long-term vision and mission as well as their values.


The Solution


One dashboard providing all the data, ability to view in visualisation formats and slice data


The Solution - HR

By finding Elevate, Helen finds that all of the data she needs is placed in a dashboard, this includes turnover, sickness, time to hire/speed of hire, headcount, salaries, job role types/team sizes, demographics for her to view easily, with search functionality and ability to slice data. The data can be viewed in different graphs to make it easier to analyse.

She can see how many active employees there are in the company, what date they started and what pay band individuals are in. She can slice the data by department, so can see how many work in the marketing department and the job titles for each as well as the overall spend on salaries for each department.

Employee performance can be easily monitored, she can view how much sick leave is taken and if there are particular days that are more common – as well as know what training each individual has taken or could take in their career path.

Performance reviews are now integrated with the system, so she can get a clearer understanding of the team, how they are performing and how the company’s vision and values are received and being incorporated.


The Result


Better control and an improved understanding of departments and individuals.


HR Result - Elevate

The difference in Helen’s efficiency and knowledge of the employees is vast. She has a far better grasp over each of the departments, the budgets and salaries for each as well as learning far more about the individuals. As a result, Helen is far happier in her role, she feels in control of her job and its numerous tasks. Her boss, the Head of People, has noticed a change in Helen’s attitude and her aptitude for the role and so is encouraging her to progress her career by offering paid study leave for her forthcoming exams.

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