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How can your IT team give secure access to data?

How can your IT team give secure access to data

Who’s always there for you in a tech emergency? IT.

Who always has to be on call in case of a security breach? IT.

Who holds all the data you need? You’ve guessed it.

The IT team appear to work at odds to the other teams, wanting to keep data secure from both external and internal risks, there can be a view that they are protective of it. But files that get shared and subsequently altered, and then altered again so that the initial file is unrecognisable, is an IT managers’ bad dream.  If the IT team could enable the other departments to access data securely, so that they can tweak the data without any repercussions,  then all the individuals concerned will be in control, much happier and much more efficient.

Meet Ian, IT Manager


Meet Ian, the IT Manager


Ian is an IT Manager for a small insurance firm, he has been in the IT sector for over 20 years and progressed in his career at the firm. He’s concerned about security and sharing data with people in the team through individual spreadsheets. When people ask for data, Ian is reluctant to share it as he is worried it will get lost in transit, that it will be altered or that people don’t understand it properly. Ian would like to have a secure platform through which he can manage data with targeted and controlled access. He is fearful both of losing historical data and the process of uploading the data to a new system, he is looking for data specialists he can trust and will provide the light touch support and advice he needs.

The Data Challenge:


Integrating data, access permissions, security, better control of data


Ian in IT, the data challenge

Departments rely on him and his team for data questions and insights , this leads to concerns about:

  • Integrating multiple data lists and setting access to the correct people.
  • Security threats with the data as it currently sits.
  • Requiring better control of all in-house data to avoid another data breach.

The Solution:


Seamless integration, secure data, access to detailed insights, further training


Ian in IT, the solution


Ian started to build a rapport with the Elevate provider, which addressed his concerns. The provider is able to standardise all the old data so that integration is seamless and the system will meet his requirements. To have all data securely on one platform that can be accessed with just one click is exactly what he needs. It means that he’ll be able to access detailed insights effortlessly, sharing them with colleagues without concern. Further training for all the teams is available so that they can understand and analyse the data they need.

The Result:


Share data with permissions, no security threats, more relaxed, better relations with wider team


Ian in IT, the result


Ian is now confidently able to share data with the different departments and with permissions in place, enabling different heads of department and managers to access the data they need.  Without the time-consuming and concerning file sharing issue, and the issue of security threats hanging over him, he’s more relaxed in his job and is giving time to considering his career development; he plans on becoming the Director of Technology for the business when the current director retires. Added to this, because he’s not seen as being precious of ‘his’ data anymore, he’s building up a much better relationship with other team members.

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