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How can your Sales team predict trends?

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The sales team need every tool available to them to get those leads into the top of the funnel so that they can do their best to close the deal. Access to real-time data will be invaluable, giving them an arsenal to close sales, predict trends and enable the company to keep up with competitors.

What’s the biggest selling product? Who are the top 10 customers? What’s their location? How many sales were made last quarter and how does that compare to the previous quarter? How do sales measure up against the KPIs?

Gathering detailed insights from existing data isn’t rocket science, it’s the order of things.

Meet Simon, Sales Director


Meet Simon, Sales Director


Simon works for a manufacturing business. He has just started this role, bringing an extensive manufacturing knowledge. Simon is wanting access to data to help improve sales decision-making, but he’s facing opposition from the IT team and from the finance team regarding budget restrictions.

He is aware of the need for security and data protection but Simon wants his company to see more focused real-time data to help predict trends and keep up with competitors.

He sees a real opportunity to upsell and push best-selling items. He will need to find a system is quick to integrate, is easy to for the team to use, is secure and competitively priced. This will enable him to prove his value.


The Data Challenge:


Forecasts and sales predictions, customer insights, match KPIs with targets


Simon in Sales - Data Challenge


  • He would like visualisations of the monthly sales forecast and predictions for future months’ sales.
  • He would like detailed insights on customers and products, to analyse sales data.
  • Be able to match his KPIs with revenue targets.

The Solution:


Transparent costs, instant access, secure, access to experts


Simon in Sales - Data Solution


Simon shared his data challenges and struggles with the business. The Elevate provider gave an impressive demo that he presented to the CEO and Directors. With a clear breakdown of costs from the onset, it was signed off. The expert developers quickly created the reporting tool, sharing the capabilities and ensuring it met all his requirements. This allowed Simon to have instant access to a realm of data that he’d previously been unable to view, complete with secure data storage and access to a pool of data experts.

The Result:


Improved performance, new lead generation, informed decisions


Simon in Sales - The Result


As a result of having Elevate installed, Simon’s performance has improved and he’s generating new leads. Simon is now able to make informed decisions, based on trends and real-time data with a certainty that he previously didn’t have. He has a monthly support package to assist with any problem-solving. The whole package was competitively priced and with the benefits already being seen, the ROI on the system is currently running at 15 months.

Simon has had a great performance review, resulting in a bonus and the HR team recruiting a new SDR to assist with growth.

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