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How digital transformation can help revamp the manufacturing industry  

How digital transformation can help revamp the manufacturing industry

Implementing new software technologies into the various stages of manufacturing processes, will both increase productivity and add enormous time-saving benefits and cost-effective value to the whole team, both internal and externally. 

Digital transformation refers to the way technology can be designed for organisations to vastly improve their customer-facing services as well as internal processes. In the manufacturing world, this can mean pursuing technical solutions that open doors to: 

  • Automation of processes and administration  
  • Statistical analysis of production output  
  • Improved production line efficiency reducing costs 
  • Restock management  
  • Lower chances of manufacturing faults with AI 
  • Mobile App technology to provide better customer service 
  • Improved quality control 
  • Quicker response time to customer and marketing demands 

Digital Transformation and Manufacturing graphic

Providing automation and better analytics, provides insights about machines, processes and operators, it brings the ability to predict maintenance obligations, prevent breakdowns and drawbacks, forecast business and inventory requirements and identify areas for development.  

Working with new analytics can provide:  

  • Forecasting information 
  • Inventory management 
  • Order management 
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance  
  • Risk management 
  • Automation  
  • Allocation for transportation 
  • Product progress measurement 
  • Improve end-user experience  

Success lies in making sure time efficiencies are made, it’s crucial to look for ways to improve, innovate and simplify processes. This is the key to digital transformation success and will make you stand out from competitors, enabling you to Grow, Thrive and Compete.  

However, this takes more than just implementing a new fancy system. Welcoming digital transformation into your business also represents new challenges, especially with legacy systems, so being well advised on the work you are undertaking is important.  

“For manufacturing companies, digitalisation should be a key focus in the strategic planning process. It is important to consider all of the individual functions, and aspects of business management and decide how they can be digitalised to reduce costs, improve profitability, and add value to new and existing customers.”  

Gareth Mapp, Chief Revenue Officer

Companies we have assisted with their Digital Transformation: 

At present, we work closely on a flexible resourcing model which provides BearingNet with a set number of days per week to use as they need to support key projects. Having access to this additional experience has supported BearingNet to ensure that system architecture, best practices and knowledge are adopted. Software Solved has become an integral part of their IT team and system developments. The current project is focused on modernising the existing code from .NET to MVC which sees the site becoming easier to maintain with clearer code that also opens the door to exploring newer technologies. 

Guideline - Lift Services Limited

We redeveloped the Microsoft .NET application for Google Android mobile devices for Guideline Lifts. We retained all of the usability and functionality engineers were used to, whilst significantly improving productivity through enhanced integration. Engineers can now synchronise job information quickly and reliably. The results improved productivity by 50% through mobile development. We are also in discussions to support a re-write of their PDA Application. 

Are you considering a digital makeover? Whether you’re considering a full tech makeover or just a facelift, let us help you evaluate your existing processes and operational requirements.  

Book a free discovery call to discuss digital transformation options for your business.  

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