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How have our solutions created financial savings for our clients?

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We have worked with a variety of companies, digitally transforming their businesses to save costs and increase operational efficiency, aspects which ultimately have a positive effect on their clients, helping them to grow, thrive and compete.

Our team of experts, with their extensive skillset, provide solutions to a broad variety of challenges that our customers are experiencing.

Our solutions have ranged from a bespoke booking system for Westfield, part of the world’s largest shopping centre companies, a mobile app for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, or migrating all of a company’s data to the cloud, for CTD Quickstep, a move that will save 91% per year as a direct result.

Whatever your pain-point or challenge, we are here to help, get in touch today.


New Web Application System enabling easy and accurate memberships  Royal Society Protection of Birds


The Solution: Working with RSPB, we updated their membership registration system by developing a website which enabled details to be automatically transferred to an existing system. RSPB could speed up processing new membership applications and the new system also meant reduced inaccuracies and both time and money saved in administration costs.

The Financial saving: income from memberships increased by 7% to £45.6m.

Software Solved have always provided excellent service. Their account managers are friendly and approachable and continually do their best to make us feel like our system is in capable hands. The work they carry out is almost always completed in a timely manner and has solved any issues and made the relevant changes to the system immediately.

Anna Franklin, F2F Membership Team Administrator for RSPB

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A risk engineering platform for a Top 10 UK insurer


The solution: The system is seen as a key driver of future growth because significant competitive advantage has been gained from it. “With the use of this web technology we’re now able to do things that we couldn’t do before,” said the Head of Risk Management. “The barriers when dealing with layer upon layer of information have been completely eliminated. The additional resource, time and productivity has benefited everyone internally. There has been a cultural change as people feel they are truly contributing to the business through the ability to provide meaningful analysis.”

The Financial Saving: The company has identified a 1,000% return on investment which is bigger than planned


Point of Sale App enabling voucher transactions to be used digitally


The Solution: The Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) app was created on behalf of Snap2Save using its patented POS Bridge™ software that runs on the retailer’s POS system. Pre-paid, Electronic Benefits Transfer cards (EBT) can then be can then be swiped ‘waking up’ the POS Bridge™ software. DUFB vouchers are issued at the checkout.

The Financial Saving: Fresh produce sales have increased by over 35% with an overall increase of 5-8%.


Better business insights with Power BI HSF Health Plan


The Solution: We identified that moving to a Power BI based solution would resolve the organisation’s reporting challenges.

To deliver this Software Solved worked closely with the HSF team to:

  • Review and understand the existing report logic
  • Set up the required web services and undertake desktop installations
  • Configure Power BI to meet the needs of HSF
  • Build an initial 10 reports using ad-hoc scripts
  • Deliver a 2-day workshop with key personnel covering:
  1. Overview of how Power BI works
  2. How to build reports
  3. Practical session to build and migrate the remainder of existing reports.

The Financial Saving: The solution provides both a time and a cost-saving to HSF Health Plan, removing the need for manual manipulation of data and time required to resolve technical issues occurring with the previous report set up.

“Having Software Solved on site for a 2-day workshop was invaluable. It allowed us to get used to the new software in a practical, ‘hands on’ way whilst also providing the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how to resolve any problems as they occurred. Power BI and the way it has been implemented by Software Solved has enabled us to become self-sufficient and take control of our reporting.”

Sandra Harmon, Project Manager and Data Protection Officer

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If you would like to address your business challenges and gain financial savings for your company by transforming through technology, then please do get in touch for a chat.


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