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How SurveyorTech remote surveys can help Insurance Brokers reduce cost and carbon footprint

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As a busy Insurance Broker, I am sure there are times when a visit to a client doesn’t make sense from a time, cost and efficiency perspective.   

If you are concerned about the environment, all that time in the car will be adding to your carbon footprint too.   

A recent report by the BBC said that “transport accounts for around a quarter of CO2 emissions”.  So having the software to survey remotely will certainly help insurance brokers do their bit. 

I’m sure like many organisations, you are using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google meet etc.  

These services work well for a general catch up but can create a challenge if you need to survey a premises or site. 

The video and images you capture can be quite large and can cause issues when you want to store the data or share the output with your stakeholders. 

So, if you are a looking for a better solution to make your life that bit easier, then SurveyorTech can help you. 

What is SurveyorTech? 

SurveyorTech is an on-premises or remote property surveying tool that is truly unique in the market. 

It is a surveying product that can support 360° images, flat images, video, drone imagery all within a single mobile application and web portal. 

How Does a SurveyorTech Remote Survey Work? 

SurveyorTech is simple to use and enables you to survey a property or site remotely via a video call with someone on-site (usually the client) using our SurveyorTech App. 

All you need to do is set up the date and time you’d like to conduct the remote survey in the portal and a unique sharing code is created. 

The person on site simply enters the sharing code in our free to download SurveyorTech App at the allotted survey time. 

 On the call and within our portal, you can communicate with the client in the App and can guide them to point their camera at what you want to see.   

You can:  

  • Capture multiple short videos of what is being discussed or what you seeEach video can be namedand notes can be taken alongside the video. 
  • Capture images that can be named and annotated with your observations. 
  • Blank out sensitive information or faces within an image. 
  • Upload other images, for example if a client has provided you with a floor plan or inspection certificate. 
  • Link together Videos and images to build a remote virtual tour of the premises or site. 
  • Publish the survey to create a read-only version that can shared with your stakeholders. 
  • If you have upgraded to SurveyorTech Pro, you can assign all of the captured images and text to one of your pre-set branded report templates. 

Example of a SurveyorTech Survey 

Once you have completed your survey you can publish a read-only copy that can be easily shared, added to your back office system or included in a broking presentation. 

Here is an example of a published survey*. 

*This is an on-premises survey, but the principle is the same for remote, just instead of 360° images you’d use a flat image and/or video. 

As you can see, a published survey is just a link which can be opened in your browser.   

None of the published information can be changed by the recipient and there are no large files to open or store.  

There is no need for a recipient of a survey to register for SurveyorTech, nor is there a cost to view a survey. 

SurveyorTech Pro 

If you have upgraded to SurveyorTech Pro, you can also add all of your images, video and notes to a customisable report such as a fact find, risk management report or FNOL report. 

These reports will be highly visual and improve the customer experience for the recipient as you can align images, floorplans and video alongside your text commentary making your reports stand out and much easier to consume. 

How much does SurveyorTech cost? 

SurveyorTech Standard: 

Pricing starts from just £50 plus VAT per user per month and includes: 

  • No long-term contract commitments simply pay each month and cancel anytime. 
  • Unlimited client downloads of our App to support remote surveys
  • Each paid user will benefit from unlimited Surveys, either on-premises or remote surveys. 
  • 100gb storage per user, per annum. Additional storage available for a small increase in your monthly fee.

SurveyorTech Pro: 

If you upgrade to SurveyorTech Pro, the cost is just £100 plus VAT per user per month and includes all of the above plus as many report types as you need to create. 

Our reports are easy to create and deploy to your users as a pre-set template that you can brand, populate and share via a secure link. 

If you’d like to be alerted to updates as they happen, please follow our SurveyorTech LinkedIn page. 

 Interested in finding out more? 

Please complete the form on our website to arrange a demo or discussion.  

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