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How system integration can power digital transformation 

How system integration can power digital transformation - blog cover

Every business is trying to find the best way to digitalise its systems without breaking the bank. Now is the perfect opportunity to start the New Year by making plans for digitalisation, and system integration could be the best and most efficient start. Integrating and modernising your system allows you to become more flexible, scalable and agile, saving money long-term.

We’ve broken down the main benefits of system integration and explain how to take the first steps to achieve the efficient, effective, future-proofed network that you require.

System Integration

What is system integration (SI)?

This is the process that connects various systems and applications so they can cohesively work together, like putting a puzzle together. The end goal is to improve processes, efficiency and decrease operational costs.

Benefits businesses can gain:

Cost and time savings

Maintaining disparate systems can become costly. With an integrated modern system, your business will not have to host multiple systems and individual data stores. A consolidated system will enable optimum output and enable the automation of critical tasks.

Improve security

Vulnerabilities in a system, such as security concerns can be detrimental to a company. Conducting a system health check will look at how things can be improved. With an integrated system, businesses only have to secure, protect and maintain security tools for one system.


With system integration, you can wave goodbye to that gap between communication and collaboration. One system that departments and teams work on together, will ensure far greater efficiency.

Greater visibility and insights

When you have multiple systems in place, you could be missing out on valuable insights and reports. The data that can potentially provide your business with those nuggets of ‘gold’ that really make the difference in your business decisions and your ROI.

Simplistic infrastructure

A simple, easy-to-use architecture allows employees easy access, accessible even on a mobile phone. Businesses can keep processes running smoothly, which is cost-effective.

The best approach to modernisation

Unfortunately, the modernisation of every system is not a ‘one size fits all’ and there are a host of different approaches depending upon architecture functionality, hosting, tech etc. We’ve created a systems health check guide, that shows the benefits of a systems health check and how it can help you understand the best pathway to take. Choosing a partner to help you to bridge the gap of? Updating and integrating your systems, will help focus you on your business goals.

Things to consider before you start…

  • Understand the business requirements
  • Discover what technologies are involved
  • Do you have the in-house resource available?
  • Communicate with all parties
  • Consider integration tools, such as SQL Server Integration services, Microsoft BizTalk, APIs and Bespoke Solutions

Are you looking to integrate multiple systems? It doesn’t have to be complicated and the benefits are huge. Contact us today to find out how you can save time, automate tasks, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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