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How to conduct remote inspections with SurveyorTech

SurveyorTech Remote Surveys

With SurveyorTech you can quickly and easily create digital surveys, including visual walkthroughs of the interior and exterior of properties.

Travel restrictions and guidelines have made visiting a client’s premises or site a challenge, however even before COVID-19, these client visits didn’t always make economic sense.

This could be for a variety of reasons such as:

Previously you may have considered using applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom, but these can often be clunky and unreliable.

Even if they are working adequately you are often left with pages of notes, recorded videos and images at the end of the meeting that need to be organised and documented. The output is often so large that the file needs to be stored separately, and these large files are inconvenient for your client to receive.

Not any more…

SurveyorTech makes this process seamless whilst saving you and your clients time.

How Does a SurveyorTech Remote Survey work?

Watch this short video on how the SurveyorTech on-premise and remote surveys work.

Here is the remote surveying process outlined in the video:

It really is that easy.

How much does SurveyorTech Cost?

Pricing starts at just £50 per month per user plus VAT and supports unlimited live stream surveys.

The downloading and use of the SurveyorTech App for your clients is FREE and requires no registration or log-in.

We also include our on-premise surveying solution in the same price.

Why Use SurveyorTech for Remote Surveys?

There are a number of reasons why you need SurveyorTech for your remote inspection needs:

SurveyorTech is continuing to evolve so keep an eye on our blog and social media feeds for updates on new features and functions.

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