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Written on 15th August 2016 - < 1 minute

How to improve staff productivity with mobile

The key to increasing employee productivity is mobility. Giving staff access to business critical data where and when they need it makes businesses more competitive and charities deliver services more efficiently. And it’s not just one way. Today’s mobile technology enables you to upload data back to a central system from any location and produce reports at the touch of a button.

Making business apps work anywhere and from any device

Strictly speaking, a mobile app does work anywhere! However, things become more complex when you want your office business applications available on the move. Then consider how to keep your data secure as it travels between locations. What if the internet connection drops? Add to that the challenge of users accessing the system from different mobile devices with varying screen sizes and operating systems.

In this short video, Technical Consultant Tom takes a look at some of these considerations and summarises the different options available for making business apps work anywhere:

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