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How we have helped our clients improve their operational efficiency

How we have helped our clients improve their operational efficiency - blog coverBlog cover

We work closely with a variety of businesses designing bespoke solutions that save time and man-hours, improving their operational efficiency and ultimately, helping businesses to grow, thrive and compete. 

Our team of experts use their technical skillset providing solutions to challenges that our customers are experiencing. These range from making a legacy system fit for a new purpose for the National Trust, developing a legacy website and disparate technologies into a secure, stable environment for RSA Insurance, achieving cloud-readiness to cut costs for Quickstep Ltd. 

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Creating an effective management system  

The solution:  Having already got a custom-built system in place, we worked with the client to understand the requirements and hidden opportunities of the system, updating its functionality and making sure that it is future-proofed to provide a better service. 

Improved operational efficiency  

“The system has made the whole business run better and has meant we’ve coped with 40% growth in volumes in a single month. Our focus now is to capitalise on the reference it provides and wins more business; we might double turnover by year-end.” 

Darren Starkey, Managing Director, Higgs Ltd (subsidiary DHL Ltd) 

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Creating a roadmap to support a business-critical system  

The solution:  The first step in helping NISSIN was to offer a full systems health check to ensure the infrastructure within the system was functioning correctly. This then allowed us to recommend the next steps in the roadmap to securing a business-critical application.

Improved operational efficiency: By carrying out system checks, we were able to provide vital support and work closely with NISSIN including their customer’s buyers and partners to assist in delivering very important projects. This included one involving the crucial role of the delivery of the 2SV Honda Civic. 

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Streamlining data to help save lives and provide vital treatment 

 The solution:  We worked hard with the UK-based charity to create a report within an easy-to-use app that works on any device anywhere in the world. The app can even work offline which automatically syncs data when the device is reconnected to the internet. 

Improved operational efficiency: Save the Children now has streamlined data and are able to compare the successful malaria treatments between countries and agencies. The visualisations that the app provides are in real-time and allows improvements of the treatments to be implemented quickly. Within a month of launch, the report was used by nine agencies with a further 30 expressing interest. 

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Becoming an integral part of another team providing critical technical assistance 

 The solution: Initially, we worked with BearingNet to provide support on an ad-hoc level to look for any system errors. Impressed with our service and reliability, we now work with them on a flexible resourcing model, providing consultancy and development support to make sure systems are running smoothly and opportunities are investigated and explored. 

Improved operational efficiency:  

 “Software Solved provide us with flexibility and reassurance to continually deliver improvements to our systems. With access to highly skilled technical consultants and developers that compliment our own team we gain advice on best practice and approaches whilst also having additional resource to help us develop and deliver projects to continually improve our systems.” 

Gary Jenkins, Technical Director, BearingNet 

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