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Introducing our Tech Team – Jack Parsons

Introducing our Tech Team - Jack Parsons, Developer

Meet Jack Parsons, one of our developers at Software Solved and find out what he’s currently working on. 


Jack Parsons, Graduate Developer


Introducing Jack Parsons, one of our developers at Software Solved.


I attended Plymouth University and studied computing for 4 years, including a placement year. I graduated with a first-class honours degree. Since leaving I have been working at Software Solved within support.

I work across a variety of clients and systems, fixing issues and making improvements. It is a fun role where there is always something to keep me busy!

Outside of work, I like walking on Dartmoor, going to the gym and eating food!


Give us a brief overview of a project you’re working on.


The majority of my projects centre around C# based applications with a SQL Server backend. Additionally, many of our clients use Azure, requiring a different skill set. The fast-paced switching between clients in our support role necessitates a wide range of expertise and familiarity with various technologies to adequately support everyone. In navigating through these projects, I get to demonstrate my expertise by quickly adapting to different client needs and employing my knowledge in C# and SQL Server, as well as Azure, to provide effective solutions and ensure smooth operations for our clients.


What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?


My favourite project involves working with an insurance company to ensure that their key system is free from bugs and operates efficiently. When I first started, the scope of the project was quite overwhelming, but with the support of the team and through persistent effort, I have gained a solid understanding of the system. Now, I am able to address challenges without seeking help, showcasing a level of self-sufficiency and expertise. This project has significantly contributed to my problem-solving skills and has provided a fulfilling experience in aiding the client in enhancing their system’s efficiency.


What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


Work in a range of languages, mainly C#, SQL and TypeScript. These languages allow me to work in both the front end and the backend of the system.


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