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Introducing our Tech Team – Joanne Misquitta, Senior Developer

Introducing our Tech Team - Joanne Misquitta, Senior Developer

Joanne Misquitta


Introducing Joanne Misquitta who is a Senior Developer at Software Solved.

Tell me about the projects you’re working on and how you demonstrate your expertise


I am currently working on a project which is based on commodity trading. This project involves complexities such as future contracts, spot trading, and dealer commissions that vary based on the trades, currencies, and commodities.

The user interactions are through a desktop without any web interface with a backend involving real-time message processing. We are using WPF to provide a rich user experience and Signal R for message processing. The backend services use .NET Core.


What are the current development challenges you are addressing?


I’m really enjoying the project I’m currently working on because it adds to my knowledge of how the stock market operates and enhances my knowledge of technologies like WPF and Signal R.

In this project, dealers and executives placing the order must be very quick because losing time is losing money. A dealer can trade in several commodities and may have to place either a spot or future order.  

The Order Entry screen was important and the toughest. We have facilitated placing orders in a single click without having to deal with difficult calculations for prices and commissions.

The entered orders are flashed immediately on the Order List which the dealer can customised to fit their needs.

The salient features of my approach towards this project:

  • Provide a way for customers to keep track of orders offline.
  • Update the prices of orders in real-time so customers do not miss opportunities.
  • Customisation in a number of open windows to handle multiple orders.

What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


I am skilled in .NET using C# as the programming language along with MS SQL, HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

I have worked in the Retail, Insurance and Risk Management domain and have experience in creating websites, web APIs, dashboards, reports and survey tools.

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