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Written on 5th July 2023 - 2 minutes

Introducing our Tech Team – Kristian Dunn, Developer

Kristian Dunn, Developer


Introducing Kristian Dunn, one of our developers at Software Solved.

Give us a brief overview of a project you’re working on.


I’m currently working on a large-scale project for universal digital coupons in the retail sector. This is working with several third parties to achieve a new way of providing customer coupons without being subject to the problems of coupon fraud and providing this solution to legacy hardware and software on point-of-sale systems. I have been leading a team on this project, both delegating work and acting as the central source of expertise. The project uses both older Microsoft frameworks for compatibility with older operating systems right up to the latest technology Microsoft offers in the cloud. The project is a mix of a client application with numerous plugins we have developed and a host of Azure applications and data solutions.

What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?


My favourite project is the current one I’m working on. We are working on both a legacy system and a brand new version running on .NET 6. The older system is monolithic and the new system is designed around a microservices architecture. To achieve this, we are developing a versioned API and will be migrating users from version 1 to version 2 API in the future. This is a balanced approach allowing us to provide backward compatibility with a shared data storage solution. We are leveraging the very latest Microsoft technology to provide a very large-scale solution supporting hundreds of thousands of clients.


What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


I am mainly skilled in C# .NET on desktop and web-based solutions with a lot of experience involving Azure Function Apps. I have good skills in SQL and Python and I also have exposure to C++ where we have to provide interops with POS systems. I have good experience with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install system. I also know my way around Linux systems very well.


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